Selection Committee


Tatyana is the CEO of Arena del Río, the largest entertainment district in Latin America for sports and music events in Barranquilla, Colombia, which will boost tourism for the area.  She has a Master of Science in Development Management from the London School of Economics, a graduate degree in Marketing from Universidad del Norte and a Bachelor's degree in Economics from Universidad de los Andes, both in Colombia.

In her more than 18 years of experience, Tatyana started her career as a social and economic researcher in Fundesarrollo, a regional research center in Colombia, and moved on to become the Executive Director of ProBarranquilla, the first regional investment promotion in the country, where she worked for over 10 years and managed to bring together private and public institutions around the city and attracted 1.3b USD during that time, which contributed to the creation of more than 12,000 jobs. She then later moved to work with the Government of Colombia during the administration of President Juan Manuel Santos and became Deputy Minister of Tourism, Director of National Planning and Director of the Department for Social Prosperity during which she was recognized for accelerating the execution of infrastructure projects nationwide that contributed to the government´s goals of reducing poverty and improving the lives of those most vulnerable. Her leadership contributed highly with the engagement of the Government towards the Sustainability Development Goals and the Multidimensional Poverty Index, that have guided the investment later on from different organizations, including the private sector. 

Later, Tatyana returned to the private sector as VicePresident of Corporate Affairs of Grupo Sura, the largest financial group in Latin America, where she was in charge of Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility in 9 countries, as well as Strategy, Innovation, Risk and Human Resources for the holding company. During her time, Grupo Sura's results in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index improved for four years, resulting in the company obtaining the Silver Class medal in 2018 for being one of the three best-performing companies in its sector worldwide. She also helped create an innovation system which strengthened the corporate venture program, which achieved US $30 million in investments and returns of up to 10x in only 4 years. 

She has served as member of several boards of directors, both in the public and private sector, in the energy, financial, and welfare sector in Colombia, Mexico and Chile. She dedicates part of her time to advocating for women´s empowerment being very active in Women in Connection and the 30% Club.

Throughout her life, Tatyana has always brought together several stakeholders and has easily navigated between the public and the private sector, working towards the development of her country and aiming to contribute to a better society. She believes strongly on the contribution that can be done to public issues from the private sector and the necessity of bringing together different actors, to achieve extraordinary results.