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Full Name

must match valid forms of ID

Email Address

Phone Number

with your country code

Country of residence / the country on your passport


Publication Country of Origin


Link to publication

How are you planning to cover this?
Type of publication
Will you have a camera or crew with you?
If yes, how many people including yourself?

Please note: every individual will need to be accounted for, and all will need to be credentialed and approved in advance. A total of 3 people per outlet will be admitted.

If yes, please enter the names, emails, and passport countries of everyone on your crew:

If yes, please let us know what equipment you will be bringing:

Please submit a letter from your outlet that they are responsible for you and your crew, and that you will be using the material gathered to cover the 72nd MISS UNIVERSE Competition in your publication.

Attach File

Please upload a headshot image file for your credential badge.

Attach File
Have you attended or covered Miss Universe in person in the past?

Do you have any special press needs or requests?

If yes, have you communicated them to the press team already?

Do you require any disability accommodations?

If yes, please describe so we can make advance arrangements.

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