Q+A: Miss USA Olivia Jordan and MUO, President Paula Shugart
02 Jun 2016

Q+A: Miss USA Olivia Jordan and MUO, President Paula Shugart – Reporter Robin Leach sat down with President of the Miss Universe Organization, Paula Shugart and Miss USA 2015, Olivia Jordan.

Paula, how does the 2016 group of hopefuls compare with previous years?
There’s some pretty “uncutable” women again, ones who should all be finalists. Again, we have a lot who want to pursue careers in law and want to get involved with politics.

More and more every year, I see women wanting to stand and have a voice and really make sure that they represent themselves. We have a university professor and a member of the armed forces, too.

Brains and beauty?
It’s always about brains and beauty because there’s nothing more beautiful than a beautiful brain.



What is in the water in Oklahoma, as there are three of you here?
It’s the most surreal feeling that there are three of us here. We were all in the Top Three together when I competed for Miss Oklahoma, and I was lucky enough to take the crown that day.

But all three of us made it to the Miss USA stage, and that makes me proud to be from Oklahoma.

So the girl who was voted Miss 52 elected to take your place when you went off for your year as Miss USA, and that disqualified her from actually competing in the pageant?

Yes. When I was crowned Miss USA, there was an opening as Miss Oklahoma, and the first runner-up, Alex Miller, she wanted to step up and represent Oklahoma. There were causes very close to her heart, and she wanted to be active in there when I couldn’t be because I was traveling.

She stepped up, but then doing that, she wasn’t able to compete the next year. She forfeited her chance, and here we go. The stars have aligned, and she was voted here via the Internet.

I feel like it says something about destiny because, even — it’s just amazing to have all three of us here, and Brie Gabriel from Florida. Once upon a time, we lived in California together. We were Top Three together, and here she is on the Miss USA stage. So, I’m just saying, I don’t know if I’m a good luck charm or …

Twelve months of your reign come to an end. How bittersweet is it?
It is so bittersweet, absolutely. I can’t think of a better word. This is the end of a wonderful chapter of my life. My entire life changed. I’m so grateful for the experience, the lessons, the challenges I had this year. I’m grateful for all of it, and it’s been a huge blessing.

I’ve met people, I’ve traveled all over, and I’ve been able to hopefully inspire people and use my voice for good. Moving forward, I am excited to have my freedom to pursue my passion. I now jump back into the real world and act — hopefully book a role. Hollywood looms, yes, absolutely. Read the full article here.