Olivia Jordan’s Top 3 Moments as Miss USA 2015
01 Jun 2016

Olivia Jordan’s Top 3 Moments as Miss USA 2015


We are only 4 days away from the 2016 Miss USA competition, which means it’s time to crown a new Miss USA.  This year, Olivia Jordan will have her final walk and then give her crown up to one of the lucky 52 contestants.  It’s a bittersweet moment because we cannot wait to see what the next year will bring Olivia and Miss USA 2016, but we are equally sad to see Olivia leave.  So let’s let Olivia take it from here by reflecting on her favorite moments from the year.

1. Lobbying for the Alzheimer’s Association in Washington DC.


I got to go to DC with my dad, Bob Thomas, a proud advocate for 20 years.  It really showed how one individual can truly make a difference.  It was an incredible experience to work with Senators and Congressman.  It was a beautiful full circle moment to work with my dad on a cause he has worked passionately on for so many years of his life.  It’s really devastating to know that many cases of Alzheimer’s are women who are primary caretakers, so it was a good feeling pushing to make a change.  The goal is to have a cure by 2025.

2. Going to the Philippines with my roommate and Miss Universe 2015, Pia Wurtzbach


I love to travel. It’s always my goal to see the world.  To go with my friend and roommate, Pia, and see her home with the love that the people showed us was magical.  People went out of their way to speak to me and make me feel comfortable, they did everything with love and respect.  It was such a life changing trip.  I will say, my favorite foods were the definitely the mangos.

3. Sundance!


As an actress, it’s always been a goal of mine to be in a Sundance Film.  Meeting some of the actors and directors while listening to Q/A’s was really inspiring for what’s next in my journey.  It’s the only place you can go to a premiere in snow boots and jeans.  I look forward to making big moves as an actress, so it was reassuring to see that transformation happen with the people and actors I met at Sundance.  My favorite movies are definitely comedies, my favorite is for sure Wedding Crashers.

My advice for the next Miss USA is to not have any expectations. If you can just enjoy the journey for what it is, you will appreciate the blessings so much more. You can work hard and dream big of what you want, but don’t have any expectations of what it should be because that will help you enjoy the process.


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