Teen Tips on Accountability
26 Feb 2019

Teen Tips on Accountability

When it comes to college, accountability is key. Your finally independent and teaches are relying on you to be responsible and do you assigned work. Princeton student and Miss Teen USA Hailey Colborn shares some of her tips on being accountable and staying motivated. 

Teen Tip 1:  Motivating yourself to do work is hard. If you put your syllabi in a place you always see them, and you check things off as you do it, it holds you accountable.

Teen Tip 2: Studying in a public place is key. When I study by myself in my room I do things like watch Hulu and Netflix.

Teen Tip 3: Have a good playlist that doesn’t take your mind off of your work. So if I’m doing a writing assignment, I can listen to chill music. But if I’m study French, it can’t have words – jazz, classical music, Louis Armstrong.