Miss USA Awarded as Nebraska Admiral
09 Jan 2019

Miss USA Awarded as Nebraska Admiral

We’re so proud of Miss USA Sarah Rose Summers on being awarded as a Nebraska Admiral - Nebraska's highest honor, and title given by Governor of Nebraska, Pete Ricketts.

"Family, Husker Nation, neighborly love, #NebraskaNice, the heartland community - just a few things I love about this place I get to call home. Three generations on each side of my family live in Nebraska, where I was born and raised. During my short visit home, I was declared an Admiral for our great state - what a great honor I would have never envisioned. Thank you Nebraska for allowing me to represent you as your first Miss USA to the best of my ability." - Sarah Rose Summers

“Being a good fellow and loyal friend and wise counselor, Sarah Rose Summers has been appointed an Admiral in the Great Navy of the State of Nebraska.” - Governor of Nebraska