Miss USA Talks Competing in Miss Universe, NYC, Nebraska Cornhuskers, and More.
06 Aug 2018

Miss USA Talks Competing in Miss Universe, NYC, Nebraska Cornhuskers, and More.

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This year, Sarah Rose Summers became the first Miss Nebraska in history to win the Miss USA beauty pageant. It was a dream she had harbored though not something she had planned for but back in May of this year, it became a reality.

A diehard Nebraska Cornhuskers football team fan, Sarah Rose was doing work as a certified child life specialist before she garnered the crown and sash. So far her Miss USA reign has taken her all across the country. The next stage in her pageant career will be contesting Miss Universe, where she will represent America against the world’s beauty pageant title holders. So far she has sought guidance from the sisterhood of past Miss USA winners, on things she should and should not do at the Miss Universe pageant.

Whether she wins Miss Universe or not, Sarah Rose is now waking up in New York City every day, which has created new opportunities for her. She is ready for new possibilities in her life and is approaching her future with a positive mental attitude.

On a recent trip home to Nebraska, Miss USA got the chance to tour her favorite team’s football stadium. While at Memorial Stadium, she did not get to meet Cornhusker’s head coach Scott Frost. However, that is something she hopes will happen one day soon. She would also love to go back to Lincoln, Nebraska for a game during the upcoming football season.

During our CYInterview, Miss USA shared some summer beauty tips, as well as her training routine and we learned that she is certified to teach Pilates. Below you can read the highlights and listen to our entire conversation with Miss USA Sarah Rose Summers:

Before she became Miss USA, she was working as a child life specialist:

“Before all of this, I was a certified child life specialist. And what that means is I was a mediator between the children and families and the medical teams. So helping breakdown medical jargon to child friendly terms to just relieve the stressors and anxieties of a stressful situation. And so my heart is just with engaging with people and making a difference in those ways.”

Sarah Rose Summers always wanted to represent Miss Nebraska at the Miss USA pageant, but she had no idea that the Miss USA title could become a reality for her:

“Nebraska’s never won and you know I never even spoke that goal to existence. So that’s why I say it was more of a dream. I am a total advocate for writing down your specific goals and I had never written down become Miss USA. It was absolutely a dream of mine, but I had no idea that it was actually obtainable.”

Whether she wins Miss Universe or not, one thing is for sure, Miss USA is a diehard Nebraska Cornhusker’s fan and she would like to be back in Lincoln, Nebraska for one of the team’s home games this year, during the college football season. She would love to get the chance to meet the team’s head coach, Scott Frost:

“Hopefully, I’ve put enough bugs in my manager’s ear to make it back to a game this year as Miss USA, because I was born and raised going to games. So I’m hoping one day to meet him. I’m glad that he’s back in Nebraska and I’m sure that he’s gonna do great things for the Huskers.”