Travel Tips From The Always-On-The-Go Vanessa Lachey
02 Aug 2018

Travel Tips From The Always-On-The-Go Vanessa Lachey

“I look forward to the kids getting older and us being able to really explore the world,” says Vanessa Lachey, proud mother of three (Camden, Brooklyn, and Phoenix), wife to one (98 Degrees member and TV personality Nick Lachey) and tireless entertainer to the rest of America. “Seeing so many different cultures at a young age was beneficial to me in so many ways, and I want them to experience that.”

Over the years, the Philippines-born, South Carolina-bred, L.A.-based Vanessa Lachey has done it all, including being an MTV VJ, Entertainment Tonight correspondent and Miss Universe co-host. This summer, she’s partnering with Holiday Inn for its family-focused Chocolate Milk Happy Hour. How she’s able to promote, participate in shows like Top Chef Junior and still remain a constant presence at home is hard to conceive but, Lachey’s been gracious enough to share with Forbes Travel Guide some insight into how she’s able to juggle her calendar, de-stress her day and pack her bags. 

This summer partnership with Holiday Inn sounds delicious. How did it come about?

I am so excited to partner with Holiday Inn for their Chocolate Milk Happy Hour because the moments we create with our kids are the memories that shape who they are and become. Holiday Inn is shining a light on taking time to enjoy things as a family. Finding something beautiful and fun in the unexpected. Just sitting and having a conversation with your kiddo over milk and cookies will surprise you on how impactful that small act can be.

Though you make it look easy on social media, juggling all that you do is no easy task. What does a typical "off" day look like for you?

That’s the beauty and curse of social media — it’s only bits and pieces of life. Most of the time, [it’s] just the fun stuff we all want to share. I am very fortunate to have a hands-on partner. Nick is a big reason why I am able to continue working and be a mom — and vice versa.