Miss USA Visits Local Teens During Her Homecoming
18 Jul 2018

Miss USA Visits Local Teens During Her Homecoming

ABC8 - KLKN TV By Rachael Miner

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For the first time since winning the Miss USA title back in May Sarah Rose Summers came back to her home state of Nebraska.

Tuesday morning she stopped at CEDARS home for children in Lincoln to talk with teens about overcoming obstacles to chase their dreams and to hear their stories.

"No matter what that dream is if you've put that in your back pocket and the back of you mind and just though that it was never attainable to chase it anyway," Summers said. 

Working with children and teens is something summers is passionate about.

Prior to becoming Miss USA, she worked as a certified child life specialist in a hospital, helping children better understand what procedures were and to make them less scared.

Advocating for children was even part of summers platform leading into the Miss USA competition.

Teens at CEDARS were excited about summers visit and the opportunity to share their stories with the Papillion native.

"You can always help other people with your story because sometimes people can relate to that so if they're struggling you can give them a hand up to show them hey this is where I've been compared to where I am now," said former CEDARS resident Hunter Epperson.

While Summers couldn't relate to many of the struggles the teens shared with her, she was proud of them for coming to cedars and working to better their lives.

The beauty queen also offered some advice for the teens to achieve their dreams, "Although they were dealt a cruddy hand of cards in the beginning, good for them for them and I'm their cheerleader. One of my biggest tips to make these dreams a reality is to write them down and write down small goals in the step of those directions."