Why You Will Want To Read Miss Teen USA 2003's Children's Book
18 Jun 2018

Why You Will Want To Read Miss Teen USA 2003's Children's Book


Dinosaurs Love Donuts is a story about a boy named Tucker, his dog Charlie, and his toy dinosaur, Tate; and how a surprise donut delivery changed the way Tucker saw his toy dinosaurs. The story is written from a child’s perspective but has subtle hints of reality illustrated amongst make-believe.


My name is Tami, and I love getting lost in make-believe with my two boys. Our couch has sailed the ocean of our living room as a pirates ship, taken us to outer space and has been safety from hot lava. Our dogs have been monsters and dragons. As much as I love playing with my kids, there is something magical about seeing a child lost in play. Hearing my four-year-old giggle with his toys as he creates his own world is one of my favorite things to witness. I love to spark my children’s imagination, and I have even more fun when they spark mine.

Every weekend, my husband and I load up our four-year-old and one-year-old sons along with our chocolate labradoodle, Charlie, and head to a donut shop. We love donuts. One morning while enjoying a leftover donut from our weekend adventure, I looked over at the chair next to me and spotted one of my sons t-rex toys sitting next to me on a chair at my table. With my baby on my lap and my toddler running off his sugar high, I opened my notes app and started writing my story. As I looked at my son's dinosaur, I thought how fun and different it would be to see the toy at my table through the eyes of a child. Quickly, my story came to life.


My incredibly talented friend, Tacey Hesmer, embraced the playfulness of the story and breathed life into the characters with beautiful watercolor illustrations. Together we hope to inspire wonder in both children and adults. Based in North Carolina, she is Mommy to William and Anderson.


Writing a children’s book has been a dream of mine. My goal is to create a lovely book to be shared by dinosaur and donut lovers worldwide. Money raised will cover the cost to self-publish hard copies of my story. It will also allow me to properly compensate Tacey for her hard work, as well as my talented graphic designer Shelby. Lastly, I will give a percentage of profits to a charity that will help feed hungry children. 1 in 6 kids faces hunger daily. I want to do my part to help kids get that basic need met. I also have incentive goals to not only feed kids belly’s but also their minds. I’ll be donating books to schools throughout the US. 

Check out my goals below to see what a difference we can make together. Thanks for helping support my dream. 

Together we can do wonderful things!



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