Miss Teen USA Preliminary Show Recap
17 May 2018

Miss Teen USA Preliminary Show Recap

The audience filled with fans and family as the 2018 Miss Teen USA contestants were prepping to compete for a spot in the Top 15. The backstage space filled with CHI hairspray and The Perfect Face glitter as the girls rushed from stage right to left for final touches. The music began and the audience was loud, the excitement and nerves rushed through the contestants as they began to line up. 

Once announced by co-host, Miss Teen USA 2017 Sophia Dominguez-Heithoff, the girls confidently walked on stage and showed off their personality in the Sherri Hill opening gowns. Each dress tastefully complimented each other with color and glam. Smiles were wide and hair was bouncing as each girl proudly cheered off the stage en route to get ready for the athletic portion of the competition. 

To get pumped up, the contestants began to do sit ups, push ups, and even ate some m&ms for some extra energy before the athleisure competition. The look, generously provided by Goldsheep, consisted of a floral print that every Gen Z girl loved. With the music loud and the energy rolling, the girls shook off the nerves and brought on their A game. 

From pump up to elegance, the girls had a quick genre change as they went from workout to Cinderella mode. Hair, makeup, and attitude made a unique turn. The classy and chic poses were practiced backstage before making their way towards the judges.