Fun Facts about some of the Miss Teen USA contestants
16 May 2018

Fun Facts about some of the Miss Teen USA contestants

Miss Indiana Teen USA - Ella Harrison 

Ella once rode the Rockin Roller Coaster at Disney World with Stephen Tyler and the picture of them together went viral.

Miss Delaware Teen USA - Brynn Close 

Pageantry is in Brynn’s blood- she has a cousin who also held the Miss Delaware Teen USA title as well as the title of Miss Delaware USA!

Miss Idaho Teen USA - Jacy Uhler 

At just seventeen years old, Jacy entered the Honors College at Boise State University on an academic scholarship and she’s currently on track to graduate and obtain her Bachelor’s degree by the age of 20.

Miss District of Columbia Teen USA - Madison Chambers 

Madison is an award-winning actress! She won a Cappie Award for best supporting actress in a play in 2017 for playing the role of Claudia in The Bluest Eye. 

Miss New York Teen USA - Saige Guerin 

Miss New York Teen USA was Saige’s first pageant and she had only seen one other pageant on TV before competing. 

Miss New Mexico Teen USA - Madison Turner 

Madi has an adopted elephant named Malima, a dog that smiles, a chicken that dances, and a horse that loves Doritos! 

Miss West Virginia Teen USA - Trinity Tiffany

Trinity can recite The Pledge of Allegiance in Latin! 

Miss New Hampshire Teen USA - Natalie Jenkins 

One of Natalie’s favorite activities is camping! She enjoys leaving her makeup behind and spending time with family and friends around the campfire. 

Miss Michigan Teen USA - Anane Loveday 

Anane was born in Ethiopia and when she was about six years old, an elephant stuck its head through her door while she was sleeping! 

Miss Arkansas Teen USA - Mackenzie Hinderberger 

Mackenzie has fostered over 25 puppies including one bottle fed 3-day old puppy. 

Miss Oklahoma Teen USA - Zoe Ferraro

Zoe has studied dance for over twelve years and enjoys paying homage to her Irish heritage as an Irish Step Dancer. 

Miss North Carolina Teen USA - Kaaviya Sambasivam 

Kaaviya is extremely superstitious and loves learning about astrology, mythology and uncommon folklore. 

Miss Kansas Teen USA - Hailey Colborn 

Hailey is one of 799 students in the world to be granted early admission to Princeton University; you go girl! 

Miss Connecticut Teen USA - Elle Sauli 

Elle can say the alphabet backwards in under five seconds. 

Miss Mississippi Teen USA - Julieanna Jackson 

Julieanna is a member of a rock band called Broken Glass! 

We hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about some of our lovely contestants!