5 Former Titleholders You MUST Follow on Instagram
10 Apr 2018

5 Former Titleholders You MUST Follow on Instagram

When it comes to ~style inspiration~ the first thing that comes to mind is to check your IG feed. We'll make it easy for you by laying out 5 formers you MUST follow on Instagram. 

1. Miss Teen USA 2010, Kamie Crawford

Kamie Crawford is a Multi-Media Journalist, Television Host, Producer, Model, Entrepreneur and Former Miss Teen USA with a love for all things beauty, fashion and pop culture. Kamie divides her time between New York City and Los Angeles where she pitches, produces and guest hosts segments on Pix 11 News in Manhattan, ABC News 8’s CT Style and served as the host for People Magazine’s daily show, “People Style Tracks”. Kamie recently had the opportunity to create and star in her own hit lifestyle docuseries, ‘F in Fabulous’ on BET. Read more about Kamie >> 

IG: @therealkamie 

"When most people think of work, they think of days like today. The end of the work week - when there’s finally time to relax and enjoy time to themselves. When I think of work, I think of the hustle. The ups, the downs. The fact that my line of work has no set weekends. No dedicated downtime. No off switch. While work/life balance is something I think we all struggle with, I’m in love with the chaos of it all 🙈 Making it all work is what makes me feel the most #empowered. Of course, there are bad days & days when I want to quit everything and get a 9-5, have coworkers, go to office parties and have a sense of normalcy. But I feel the most “me” when I’m behind the camera or behind the scenes creating something 🎥🖤 Comment below - when do YOU feel the most “you”? What makes you feel empowered?✨💪🏽"

2. Miss Universe 2012 Olivia Culpo

Actress, SI Swimsuit Model, and style icon, Olivia Culpo has made a powerful impact in the fashion industry by making her way through red carpets and NYFW worldwide. Her Instagram grows daily with new trends, selfies, and family news! Culpo partnered with PrettyLittleThing and Le Tote to launch her own clothing line that best represents her style. Not only does Culpo highlight new trends, she also uses her platform to highlight women empowering campaigns including In Her Own Words to "continue the conversation around women, our bodies, and our strengths." Culpo recently starred in film American Satan, which is officially released on DVD and Blueray.

IG: @OliviaCulpo

Today. Home ❤️🏠

3. Miss USA 2012 Nana Meriwether 

Nana Meriwether is currently Assistant to the Editor-in-Chief of Haper's Bazaar, Glenda Baily. *Schedules DVR to record Devil Wears Prada* This NYC queen has done it all including contributing to CR Fashion Book, Vanity Fair, and Vogue Australia. Nana is on a 52-week journey into science that supports health and happiness through her blog Well There's This. Follow her journey >> 

IG: @NanaMeriwether

"Week 10 | Detox The Air Around You: NASA Approved Indoor Plants To Have Around Your Home

My weekend plans? I am probably the last person on Earth to read 'Homo Deus', but I am curling up with a cup of tea, my roommate's cat (if I can find him), and @yuvalnoahharari's follow up book to 'Sapiens' about the future of our species. Besides that I am shopping for houseplants, yes, houseplants - NASA approved houseplants to be exact! You see plants like the Snake Plant convert CO2 into oxygen at night. Most plants do not release oxygen at night, they consume it - hence why keeping a Snake Plant allows for improved air quality, it releases oxygen while you sleep. I list 6 indoor plants that remove chemicals, pollution and better the air around you in this week's post for, Well There's This. You can order + get all 6 options delivered straight to your home as well! Time to redecorate with a couple of new friendly green guests? I think so."

4. Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach

If you're new to the pageant world, obvi you need to follow "Queen P" herself. Actress, model and activist, Pia Wurtzbach, has taken the internet by storm when she was crowned in 2015.  Pia has appeared as a guest judge on Asia's Next Top Model, multiple commercial campaigns, and has recently starred in the film, My Perfect You. Pia's Instagram will give you an inside look at, not only her professional but personal life. From traveling internationally to behind-the-scenes at photo shoots, Pia will certainly take you along on her adventures. 

IG: @PiaWurtzbach

"Back in #Bohol Excited to share this new project with you guys"

5. Miss USA 2011 Alyssa Campanella

Former Miss USA 2011 and fashion model Alyssa Campanella is no stranger to the digital world. Ambitious, driven, and a self-labeled Anglophile, the Los Angeles-based style, and travel blogger was the first Miss USA to document her fashion and travels on social media. With a highly active following on social media, she launched her first blog in 2014 before launching The A List in 2015 as a full-time blogger. She’s appeared in magazines such as Marie Claire, Allure, lnStyle, and Glamour, as well as made several appearances cooking on Food Network. Read more >> 

IG: @AlyssCampanella

"Walking out of our manor bedroom and into afternoon tea like 😊😊 Despite this being my 4th visit to Ireland, Tor and I kept finding ourselves blown away by the kinds of castles and manors we’ve gotten to call home for the last two weeks. Have you been to Ireland?"

Who are some of your favorite former titleholder influencers?