Miss USA Contestants Tell Us How They #PressForProgress For Gender Equality
07 Mar 2018

Miss USA Contestants Tell Us How They #PressForProgress For Gender Equality

Miss Alaska USA

"I Press for progress as the first woman photojournalist at my news station in over 30 years and I will continue to empower women to break barriers in their industries.”

Miss Arkansas USA

"Today we celebrate women’s achievements all across the world. I press for progress with the hope that one day, my little sisters will live in a society that does not define them by their gender."

Miss Colorado USA

"I will press for progress by saluting other women who have a career in a male-dominated industry."

Miss Delaware USA

"From this day forward, I will press for progress by leading by example through inclusive actions. I think this is a great start to achieving gender equality, so I hope you’ll join me too."

Miss Illinois USA

"I will press for progress by making sure that I am a role model and an inspiration to women all around by making sure they feel like they are heard and they have a voice.” 

Miss Indiana USA

"There are so many reasons why we need to push for gender equality. For me personally that is the human moral and ethical values we should hold each other to. More than half the globes population has been treated unfairly because of their gender. I make it a point in my everyday life to show that you do not have to limit yourself because of your gender."

Miss Iowa USA

"I will press for progress by continuing to be the voice for women facing barriers to success."

Miss Kansas USA

"I continue to press for progress by being an advocate for victims and survivors of domestic violence."

Miss Louisiana USA

"I will lead by example with my inclusive actions, not just today but every day. I will acknowledge and celebrate the accomplishments of women around me and across the world."

Miss Maryland USA

"In 1965 only 7% of medical school graduates were women, in 2018 that number has risen to 47%. As a transplant coordinator for organ, eye and tissue donation, I will press for progress by encouraging women like myself to continue their education and take on more careers in the medical and science fields."

 Miss Minnesota USA

"To press for progress, I will lead by example and hire woman accountants, attorneys, and employees to not only strengthen my own business endeavors but also actively support women on theirs."

Miss Montana USA 

"I am an entrepreneur and also an advocate for poverty because that is something that I personally experienced growing up and that is something that I’ve overcome and that is why I like to share my story... So that I can be an example of inclusion."

Miss New Jersey USA 

"Women still need to be encouraged to pursue a degree in law enforcement. We need to send a message to little girls and young women that we are capable and equipped to defend our country and our community. In a male-dominated field where only 13% of women are police officers and only 1% of police chiefs are female, I plan on increasing that percentage.” 

Miss New York USA

"I would like to see the oppression of women in third world countries eliminated. The lack of women’s rights is a global issue."

 Miss Oklahoma USA

"I plan to continue to hold positions of importance in my career field and further prove the fact that a woman can succeed when given the same tasks and responsibilities as men in the work force."

Miss Oregon USA

"To press for progress I will continue my campaign of raising awareness to the devastation of cyberbullying on young women and being kind online."

Miss Rhode Island USA

"One way that I will press for progress would be to challenge stereotypes. I will do this by questioning statements or assumptions that limit women and always being sure to use inclusive language."

 Miss South Dakota USA

"I will press for progress by encouraging other women to speak out on issues that they believe in."

 Miss Texas USA

"I will press for progress by sharing my life moto ‘because nice matters.’ I hope to encourage and celebrate all women and let them know that they matter."

Miss Vermont USA

"I am pushing for progress by being a big sister for the organization Sisters and Skydiving. It has allowed me the opportunity to be a mentor for other women who have less experience than I do. It is a great chance for us to talk about the challenges that we face as women in this sport and come up with team ideas on how to overcome them."