Miss Teen USA International Women's Day Quotes #PressForProgress
07 Mar 2018

Miss Teen USA International Women's Day Quotes #PressForProgress

Miss Arizona Teen USA

“We must be able to see women and girls all over being actively portrayed in the media and advertising. If you can see her, you can be her.”

 Miss Colorado Teen USA

“This international women’s day, I’m going to Press for Progress by recognizing all women who wake up every morning to serve our country.”

 Miss Delaware Teen USA

“Going to an all girls school has taught me to become a strong leader, empower others, and allow my voice to be heard. This day and every day, I encourage you to Press for progress and to allow your voice to be heard.”

 Miss Illinois Teen USA

“Women have been fighting for equality for years. There has been progress, but not enough. There should be equal pay for equal work.”

 Miss Maryland Teen USA

“I’m going to inspire young women to be in positions of power by educating them on the voting process and civics.

 Miss Minnesota Teen USA

“I will press for progress by encouraging girls in classrooms to be confident and speak up alongside males in group settings.”

 Miss Missouri Teen USA

“I encourage young women to stay in school and develop their leadership skills. Speak about issues important to you and strive to make changes in your local community. You can make a difference and push for progress.”

 Miss Mississippi Teen USA

“As a teen entrepreneur, I’m showing the world that females can do anything they set their mind to no matter their age.” 

 Miss North Dakota Teen USA

“I’m going to press for progress by motivating my female peers to vote in the upcoming midterm election.”

 Miss New York Teen USA

“I want all ages to know we can break the cycle of domestic violence. Let’s press for progress.”

Miss Rhode Island Teen USA

“I will use my voice to inspire others on what it means to be confidently beautiful. I also plan on encouraging young females that we are capable of doing what men can and more. Our gender does not limit us from achieving and succeeding in life. In fact, being a female is something to be proud of.” 

Miss Wyoming Teen USA

“I will press for progress by acknowledging hard work and success of all the strong women I know. We rise by lifting others.”