7 Feelings You Get While Voting
21 Nov 2017

7 Feelings You Get While Voting

65th Miss Universe Competition

You can help your favorite Miss Universe contestant earn a spot in the Semifinals by voting! And there are two ways you can do it.

First, you can vote online on You will have 10 votes per day to vote for your favorite contestants. Just remember to click "Confirm Votes" for them to count! Plus, you can vote on Twitter. Just send a tweet or submit a retweet with #MISSUNIVERSE and your contestant specific hashtag (#COUNTRY). Make sure to take advantage by retweeting! And you can view the official rules here. You'll likely feel a variety of emotions when it comes to voting.

Here are seven feelings you might experience while voting for your favorite Miss Universe contestant...

1. When you have more than 10 favorite contestants, but you can only vote online 10 times per day


2. When you use up all your online votes in just 3 SECONDS


3. When you Twitter vote gets RETWEETED


4. When it's 11:59PM and you haven't submitted your votes for the day, yet...


5. When you think about how proud you are of your favorite contestants


6. When you think about how anxious you'll feel to hear who earned a spot in the Semifinals


7. But then remember how excited you are to watch the Miss Universe Competition on Sunday, Nov. 26 on FOX!


VOTE HERE NOW for your favorite contestants!