Miss Maryland Teen USA Contestant Earns Spirit Award
01 Nov 2017

Miss Maryland Teen USA Contestant Earns Spirit Award

16 year-old Macey Brietenback from Bel Air earned a new award at this year's Miss Maryland Teen USA competition in honor of her efforts to compete despite living with a chronic illness.

According to the Baltimore Sun, "Brietenback was born with visceral myopathy with underlying pseudo obstruction, which affects her gastrointestinal system. She must be fed intravenously and is in regular pain and at risk for infection."

“They said that I changed the pageant forever, in a good way, with my attitude toward things," Brietenback said.

Winning the Spirit Award was a rewarding surprise, and the audience was extremely supportive of the new addition to the competition. 

“It literally was like watching a real-life Cinderella story,” Vaughn, who attended the pageant, said Tuesday. “There’s really not enough words to describe what went on this weekend.”

She said staff helped Macey get onstage, but “once she got out there on stage, I don’t think you would be able to tell” she was in pain.

“The entire auditorium, the whole place erupted in cheers,” Vaughn said. “They all gave her a standing ovation, the judges, everybody.”

Watch Macey's preparation for the pageant.

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