Miss USA Encourages STEM Education in Youth
05 Oct 2017

Miss USA Encourages STEM Education in Youth

Now that Miss USA Kára McCullough is settling into her reign, the 26-year-old is spending her time touring schools to encourage STEM enrichment in young women. Below is an interview with LA Sentinel as they dig deeper into her life and passion for science. 

Los Angeles Sentinel – How did growing up in several countries around the world shape your perspective on life? 

Kára McCullough – Growing up in several countries exposed me to diversity and inclusion at a very young age. My mother was a chief petty officer in the United States Navy, allowing our family to live in different countries as well as experience and appreciate new cultures. My childhood friends all came from different ethnic and religious backgrounds, and I’m so happy to be connected with them to this day.

LAS – What advice do you have for women of color who find it difficult to embrace their natural beauty? 

KM – I encourage women of color – and all women – to embrace what makes them whole and happy. The positive support Deshauna and I received after walking across the Miss USA stage with our natural hair went beyond my expectation. I hope that the women watching were inspired and empowered to walk into work or school that next day, embracing their natural beauty.

LAS – What challenges have you experienced in your role as Miss USA? 

KM – I believe one of the most important traits of growth is acknowledging that there will be challenges along your path to success. What solidifies growth is the pragmatic approach to solving them. Challenges exist, but I remind myself that I am in this position to carry out my mission to encourage STEM education in young women.

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