BLOG: Life Isn't Linear
17 Jul 2017

BLOG: Life Isn't Linear

Written by Miss Kansas Teen USA 2017 Malerie Moore

First off i’d like to introduce myself, I am Malerie Moore Miss Kansas Teen USA 2017 and I too, struggle. If you are reading this… THANKS GUYS! I’ve never written a blog before but I am going for it today because this is something incredibly relevant in my life and probably in yours as well so here it goes.

I am going into my senior year of high school and I am very excited about it but as you all might guess there are a million decisions to be made in the next 365 days that will alter my life forever. Sounds pretty intense right?! Leading up to my senior all of the mentors in my life have taught me the importance of where I choose to attend and what sort of weight comes with that decision. I have lost so much sleep over what I want to do with my life whether it be ballet, dance team, theatre, or modeling and trying to pick just one has been an impossible feat. I went to American Ballet Theatre’s summer program this June to really discover whether ballet is something I want to do for the rest of my life or not. As time winds down more people press me to pick my path and after coming home from New York without a definitive answer to any of my questions, things were hard. But, I learned something very valuable there that has changed my entire outlook on life and that is what I’m going to share with you guys.

I have always thought if I go to a performing arts college I will be stuck there for four years whether I love it or not. Or that if I stop dancing and regret it there is no going back and my life is over. Society has worked that into so many of our brains but it just isn’t true. A girl that I met at my summer program gave me new words to live by that has gotten me through all of the hard times since. Life isn’t linear. You have the freedom to change your mind whenever. WHENEVER! I don’t know why I always thought every decision was so permanent, but I did. The thing is you guys, nothing in life is ever going to 100% follow the plan, it just won’t. We cannot pretend that we are going to enter the next chapter of our lives and leave it the exact same. Things happen and we evolve as people, so why are we trying to muffle that growth?

Every decision we make now is the right one, just because you change your mind does not mean you did anything wrong. But we all must learn how to be brave and take the leap. Do what you want, what you love, and what interests you right NOW. Fulfill yourself NOW with what you want, don’t try to anticipate what you will become because that just isn’t how life works. My journey to joy has been a long one and i’m still trying to figure me out, but now I can find comfort in knowing that things aren’t going to go as I planned them and that’s okay because that’s ultimately what was supposed to happen after all.