How Evita Delmundo Redefines Beauty
22 Jun 2017

How Evita Delmundo Redefines Beauty

Evita Delmundo, a 20-year-old that just auditioned for Miss Universe Malaysia 2018 now wants to prove to everyone that appearances aren't everything.  Evita Delmundo was born with moles covering her body.  She sat with Elle Magazine to talk about what she's learned and what it was like competing for Miss Universe Malaysia, because to her, even if she doesn't make it, she's already won for herself.

Why did you audition for Miss Universe Malaysia?
It's always been a dream for me to try out for Miss Universe Malaysia. I feel like it's a good way for me to showcase my uniqueness and newfound confidence, and hopefully I can also inspire others. I think my audition went well, so I'm just hoping to get a callback from the organisation soon!

You also met Miss Universe Malaysia 2017 Samantha Katie James. Did she give you any advice?
She reminded me to stay true to myself and to never forget where I came from, if I do make it as Miss Universe Malaysia. She said to never lose sight of why I joined the competition in the first place and that as long as I can remember that, I'll go far.

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