BLOG: Power In Purple - Paige's Push
16 Jun 2017

BLOG: Power In Purple - Paige's Push

Written by Miss Indiana Teen USA 2017 Paige Robinson

Crossing paths with the American Cancer Society!
I am blessed to come from a big family with even bigger hearts. At the age of 9, I started volunteering and giving back in my community. My community service work started with my dad’s transportation company. From making care baskets for less fortunate families to serving meals during the holidays with my church family, I remember being there for others as a kid. Regardless of what I was doing, I knew I loved being able to give and bring joy to people. In 2010, things changed. I became the one who was in need of help. Christmas morning my grandfather lost his battle to Lung Cancer.


My grandpa and I years before he became diagnosed with Lung Cancer

When my mom and grandmother needed help throughout my grandfather's five year long battle with this disease, they received support and counseling from the American Cancer Society. I grew to know this organization pretty well and I was so thankful for all of their help throughout this process. After my personal experience, I knew how it felt to go through such pain. The support from American Cancer Society helped me realize I was not alone. One day I knew I wanted to do the same for others. In my process of healing from a family loss, I took the initiative to start assisting people affected by cancer and their caregivers. A few of my favorite memories: being the varsity volleyball captain I dedicated a volleyball game to raise money for a young girl affected by a rare cancer as well as being able to raise $25,000 with my high school for Riley Children's Hospital. I knew my guardian angel would be proud of my dedicated service to others.

“Dig Pink” volleyball game raising $2,000 for Faith

Working with the American Cancer Society has always made me feel complete. Everyone I volunteer with at the American Cancer Society office has become like family. During the summer of 2016, I signed up to volunteer for The American Cancer Society Discovery Ball Gala which was held on October 29, 2016. One week prior on October 23, 2016 I was crowned Miss Indiana Teen USA 2017. At the Discovery Ball Gala I had the honor of not only going as Paige Robinson, but as Miss Indiana Teen USA 2017. My favorite quote is “everything happens for a reason”. When my first event under my new title happened to be the American Cancer Society Discovery Ball Gala in which supports my platform, it all felt very right.

The start of Power In Purple
On February 25, 2016 from 6pm to midnight I volunteered at Relay For Life at Butler University, an event put on by the American Cancer Society. After playing fun games to participating in shaving heads for financial donations, I was approached that night by an American Cancer Society manager. He spoke about their new campaign “Power In Purple” where he informed me that only twenty notable women in the community would be chosen to lead this new campaign based off their leadership and service. Little did I know, I was soon to be chosen. A few weeks later I received an email about how I was selected as a distinguished young woman making a difference in the lives of others in my community. I was beyond honored to take on this position and commitment to help the American Cancer Society save more lives from cancer.

Donations and how YOU can help contribute!
The American Cancer Society Relay For Life movement is the world’s largest fundraising event! The purpose is aimed at eliminating cancer and bringing together communities throughout the world in order to fight back against this disease. When money is raised, the American Cancer Society is able to create more resources to help people who are affected by cancer. The donations typically range from $25 to $1000 and in return help is provided in order to properly care for cancer patients and their caregivers. The donations cover anything from lodging, patient navigation, support, rides, research and more information. All twenty campaign leaders have until June 30th to raise a minimum of $2,500. Ultimately, we want to raise $50,000 together! With the help of many people this goal is definitely possible. I am currently selling my designed “Paige’s Push, Power In Purple” wristbands for $2 in order to reach my goal. I am also accepting donations in person and through my personal link to fulfill my commitment.

I need help from YOU!
This cause is very close to my heart and I have heard many stories from others on how cancer has touched their lives and loved ones too. According to the American Cancer Society, an estimated 1,688,780 of new cancer cases will be diagnosed in 2017. If you or anyone you know has been affected by this disease you are aware of how the positive impact of donations and love can help. If you are able to give, any and every donation amount helps. If not, I wish that you could please keep this campaign and anyone affected by cancer in your thoughts and prayers. Anyone who is ever in need of assistance through the battle of cancer or supporting a loved one, know that the American Cancer Society and of course myself are always here!

Please consider making a tribute donation and spreading the word! Together we are
Online link to contribute

Much love,
Paige Robinson, Miss Indiana Teen USA 2017

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