BLOG: A Look Into My Life in Small Town Kentucky
12 Jun 2017

BLOG: A Look Into My Life in Small Town Kentucky

Written by Miss Kentucky Teen USA 2017 Olivia Prewitt 

Have you ever visited Kentucky?

I want to give you a glance into my life as a teen that has lived in the Bluegrass State all my life.
Hello everyone and welcome to my blog post! I'm Olivia Prewitt, the current Miss Kentucky Teen USA. I am beyond humbled to have the pleasure of representing my incredible state! I was born and raised in a small town called Danville, which is home to roughly 17,000 people. Everyone knows everyone here, it's a cute little town with a laidback lifestyle and it has taught me so much.
My hometown is only 30 minutes from Lexington, which is where the University of Kentucky is located. It will soon become my new home when I begin college this fall!

What's so cool about little ole Danville?

Ever heard of John Travolta? What about Lee Majors and Jim Varney? These 3 famous actors all have something in common.  Their acting careers all got started at Pioneer Playhouse, which is the oldest outdoor theatre in the state of Kentucky. And guess what? It’s right here in Danville! Every summer the stage comes alive with talent- galore! Actors and actresses come from all over the country to perform here!

An Interesting/Sobering Fact About My Hometown

In 1968 a policeman lost his life here while trying to protect and serve the Danville community. That police sergeant was my great-grandfather. Only 2 months shy of retiring, James Ryan Sr. was killed in the line of duty responding to a burglary call. He was tragically struck 6 times by an automatic rifle and died the following day. He was with the Danville Police Department for 26 years. His son, my grand-father, was also an officer at the time of the shooting. Although I wasn’t alive at the time, I’ve heard the stories of that dreadful night. Talk about a hero! I’m so proud to say that he was my great-grandfather and it’s humbling to hear from people in my community talk about what a great person he was. What a legacy he left! Our old police station on Main Street, which is now our fire station, was named after him years ago.

What will I be studying at UK? Broadcast Journalism

After college I would love to be a sports broadcaster or an on-air entertainment host! The past 2 years I have had an internship working alongside a nationally known sports writer and a news anchor. Through my experience there has been many opportunities to get an inside look at the world of sports. I'd love for you to check out my blog and YouTube channel.

Being a first generation college student I am so very excited for college, the anticipation is building! New friends, new city, dorm life, etc! Ahh, I can't wait! I'm also proud to say that I am the first minority to win the title of Miss Kentucky Teen USA. Needless to say, there are a lot of "firsts" for me. Ironically, my hometown is known as the "City of Firsts"…. How about that?! My next goal is to be the first Miss Kentucky Teen to win the title of Miss Teen USA!

What's it really like to live in Kentucky?

I have people ask me that question all the time, and my answer is always different. Living in Kentucky is awesome. It's a breathtakingly gorgeous state, our sunsets are insane! If you haven't seen one I'd say you're missing out. Living in Kentucky is fun, it’s the horse capital of the world and what we call "basketball country". Everyone here seems to bond over fast horses and Kentucky basketball. You're always greeted with a smile and a "hello" no matter where you go. It's nice to always feel at home no matter what part of the state you're in. If you come for a visit you have to see the mountains in Eastern KY. It is quite the view no matter the time of the year, but it's especially beautiful in the Fall. There's so much to do here, so please come see for yourself! We have the cutest boutiques, great hiking destinations and some really good homemade ice cream! Come visit and tell a Kentuckian that Miss Kentucky Teen USA sent ya!

Love always,
Olivia Prewitt