5 Fun Facts to Know About Miss USA 2017 Kára McCullough
17 May 2017

5 Fun Facts to Know About Miss USA 2017 Kára McCullough

USA2017_03524.jpg Miss USA 2017 is Kára McCullough from District of Columbia!

Kára is a Physical Scientist at the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission and has a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry with a concentration in Radiochemistry from South Carolina State University. Check out five more fun facts to know about her below!

1. She played basketball for seven and ran track for five years. 

She was also trained in piano as a child, but with time, her interest peaked in basketball and she committed to the sport.

2. She coaches sixth and seventh grade girls' basketball. 

She says she loves coaching basketball, because it has helped her mature in her leadership abilities. Plus, she says the girls keep her youthful!

3. She likes cooking Italian recipes.

Kára's favorite recipe is her "special pistachio pesto pasta." Since she's a scientist, she says she looks at cooking as more of an experiment.

4. One of her proudest moments was when she started her career at the United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

"It holds a lot of significance because, I worked diligently to obtain scholarships and major in Radiochemistry," Kára said. "Being a female scientist in a male dominated field is rewarding, because I am able to share my story with many other young women scholars alike."

5. One of the many interesting jobs she's had in the past was the role of a Resident Inspector at an operating nuclear power plan.

"That particular role was rewarding, because I was able to utilize my Westinghouse Power Plant Engineering course materials and understand fully how the plant operated," Kára said of the job.