Zoey Ivory on Dance, Dance, Dance
02 Mar 2017

Zoey Ivory on Dance, Dance, Dance

Dance, Dance, Dance is a spectacular dance competition where celebrities re-enact some of the world’s most iconic dance routines combining topnotch performances and the latest visual effects to deliver a show that raises the bar! Dance, Dance, Dance features teams of two — a celebrity and a partner they choose who could be a spouse, colleague, son or daughter. After a rigorous dance training, the teams begin competing for cash prizes that go to charity. Each week, they are asked to recreate a well known dance number, employing the original choreography as well as look. The latter is what sets Dance, Dance, Dance apart from other dance shows. The show employs computer effects to mimic the original setting of the dances, creating a 3D world around the actual performance. Dance, Dance, Dance is a very successful format from the well-known John de Mol who created The Voice, Big Brother and Utopia as well. It’s one of the best viewed tv programmes in the Netherlands.


Zoey Ivory Miss Netherlands used to be a dancer when she was a child. She went to the dance academy and practised all kinds of dance styles. She loves music videos. (And pretending to be in it) Nearly 70 million people around the world saw her viral video when she was waiting during rehearsals of Miss Universe. She heard Beyonce’s Single ladies and she couldn’t stand still. She pretended like she was in her bedroom practising Queen B’s moves. Some Filipino fans got this on video and the rest is history. We can’t wait to see the real dance moves of Zoey Ivory and her dance partner and friend from her youth Marnix Lenselink. Zoey Ivory & Marnix will have 20 hours of dance lessons each week, 2 hours of personal training and 1 hour of fysio training.

The TV show will be aired in September. We are very curious what music videos she will recreate! Make us proud Queen Zoey Ivory!


Extra info TV format Dance Dance Dance
In 2010, John de Mol’s Talpa entered the crowded singing reality series competition space with The Voice. Despite facing established incumbents such as American Idol (and its international incarnations), The X Factor and Star Academy, The Voice was able to break through and is now the top singing reality series in the US and the only to win an Emmy in the reality competition series category (twice). Now Talpa is trying to do the same in the dancing competition space with a new format Dance, Dance, Dance, in which celebrities recreate famous dance routines from movies, music videos and musicals.

Like with most of its new formats, including The Voice and Utopia, Talpa first launched Dance, Dance, Dance in the Netherlands where the production company’s headquarters and main development team is based. Like The Voice, Dance, Dance, Dance is carried by RTL4. Following a strong start earlier this month, (the 5 2-hour live shows averaged 1.8 million viewers, one of the best viewed programmes in the Netherlands) Now they are up to season 3.

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