30 Elaborate National Costumes
28 Jan 2017

30 Elaborate National Costumes

UNI2016_00904.jpgThe National Costume competition is one of the most anticipated portions of the Miss Universe competition! Miss Universe contestants wore some seriously beautiful costumes this year, from outfits inspired by their country's most visited tourist attractions to tributes to their country's most famous figures. Check out some of this year's most elaborate National Costumes below!

UNI2016_02386.jpgMiss US Virgin Islands Carolyn Carter


Miss Universe Venezuela Mariam Habach


Miss Universe Panama Keity Drennan

UNI2016_00901.jpgMiss Universe Bolivia Antonella Moscatelli Saucedo

UNI2016_00908.jpgMiss Universe Nicaragua Marina Jacoby

Miss Universe Angola Luisa Baptista


Miss Universe Argentina Estefania Bernal

UNI2016_02114.jpgMiss Universe Belize Rebecca Rath

UNI2016_02138.jpgMiss Universe Chile Catalina Paz Caceres

UNI2016_00849.jpgMiss Universe Malaysia Kiran Jassal

UNI2016_00933.jpgMiss Universe Peru Valeria Piazza

UNI2016_00855.jpgMiss Universe Malta Martha Fenech

UNI2016_00865.jpgMiss Universe Myanmar Htet Htet Htun

UNI2016_02157.jpgMiss Universe Curacao Chanelle de Lau

UNI2016_02169.jpgMiss Universe Dominican Republic Sal Garcia

UNI2016_00979.jpgMiss Universe Ecuador Connie Jimenez

UNI2016_01034.jpgMiss Universe Honduras Sirey Moran

UNI2016_01052.jpgMiss Universe India Roshmitha Harimurthy

UNI2016_01064.jpgMiss Universe Indonesia Kezia Warouw

UNI2016_02231.jpgMiss Universe Jamaica Isabel Dalley

UNI2016_00976.jpgMiss Universe Singapore Cheryl Chou

UNI2016_02397.jpgMiss Universe Vietnam Le Hang

UNI2016_00875.jpgMiss Universe Bahamas Cherell Williamson

UNI2016_00877.jpgMiss Universe Barbados Shannon Harris

UNI2016_00890.jpgMiss Universe Mauritius Kushboo Ramnawaj

UNI2016_00953.jpgMiss Universe Portugal Flavia Brito

UNI2016_00972.jpgMiss Universe Sierra Leone Hawa Kamara

UNI2016_01019.jpgMiss Universe Tanzania Jihan Dimack

UNI2016_01036.jpgMiss Universe Uruguay Magdalena Cohendet

UNI2016_02198.jpgMiss Universe Haiti Raquel Pelissier