7 Highlights of the Preliminary Competition
27 Jan 2017

7 Highlights of the Preliminary Competition

UNI2016_00242 (1).jpgWe're one step closer to crowning Miss Universe! The Miss Universe preliminary competition was hosted by Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach and Derek Ramsay at the Mall of Asia Arena in Manila, Philippines.

Derek revealed it's been 23 years since Miss Universe has been held in the Philippines, saying , "The entire nation is pumped." Pia also commented on her home country's excitement for the competition, saying, "We are in fact the biggest fans of Miss Universe."

The 86 women competing for the title started out the preliminary competition by introducing themselves. Then, they competed in swimwear and evening gown. Check out seven of the event's highlights below!

1. Pia's Grand Entrance

UNI2016_02025.jpgPia wore two beautiful gowns while co-hosting the competition with Derek. When Pia walked out on stage to co-host the show, she looked as elegant as ever!

2. Contestants Saying Their Country Names With Pride

UNI2016_02059.jpgContestants introduced themselves, saying their name and country with serious conviction, followed my thunderous applause from the crowd! They wore a variety of outfits by designer Sherri Hill, including long gowns, short dresses, two-piece outfits and everything in between.

3. Learning Fun Facts About the Contestants

UNI2016_01423.jpgWe learned so many interesting facts about the contestants during the preliminary competition! This year's Miss Universe contestants are world travelers, musicians, athletes, business owners, dancers, singers, adventurers, goal-setters, models and so much more.

4. What Is "Beautiful" Around the World?

UNI2016_00249.jpgThe number one thing we learned while watching the Miss Universe preliminary competition: one quality is essential for beauty around the world -- confidence. Every Miss Universe contestant looked confidently beautiful while walking on the stage. It was inspiring!

5. Pia's Emotional Trip Home

UNI2016_02026.jpgDuring the preliminary competition, footage of one of Pia's first trip home to the Philippines after being crowned Miss Universe was shown onscreen.

"I woke up and I was on the front page of the newspaper," Pia said in the video. "It's great. I'm very excited. I'm a little bit nervous!"

Pia revealed she was nervous, because she wanted to be at her best for the Filipinos. The video showed footage of Pia greeting the people in her country and seeing her family and friends. It was incredibly heartwarming!

6. Fashion from Around the World

UNI2016_00683.jpgDuring the evening gown competition, we got to see all different styles of dresses from around the globe. The women wore intricately detailed gowns in a variety of styles and colors. Each gown was incredibly unique in its own way!

7. Pia's Got Jokes

UNI2016_02018.jpgAt the end of the preliminary competition, Philippine Airlines presented Pia with a model plane as a token of their appreciation. Pia joked in response, "This is the model of the real airplane I'm gonna get, right?"

"The real one's outside," Pia's co-host Derek replied.

Pia said with a smile, "I'm only kidding!" It was too funny!

Watch the Miss Universe competition LIVE from the Philippines on Sunday, Jan. 29 at 7/6c on FOX.