Contestant Hidden Talents
21 Jan 2017

Contestant Hidden Talents



We asked this year's Miss Universe contestants about their hidden talents. We found out there are many talented, painters, dancers, singers, cooks and more ladies with super unique talents competing for this year's title. Check out some of their hidden talents below!

Miss Universe US Virgin Islands Carolyn Carter: "My hidden talent is that I am a very good card player! I grew up in a family that enjoyed spending time with one another, and we loved to play card games together! I have fond childhood memories of sitting around the table laughing, eating, and playing cards. I loved my childhood, and every time I play cards now I am filled with happiness."

Miss Universe Cayman Islands Monyque Brooks: "I have an eye for fashion! I often design many of my outfits for appearances."

Miss Universe Nicaragua Marina Jacoby: "Yes, I believe that I can be a great actress; actually I was accepted to NYFA but was not able to attend due to limited financial resources."

Miss Universe Belize Rebecca Rath: "I am a talented nail art specialist. Just give me a bottle of fingernail polish and some glitter and watch me go to work."

Miss Universe Canada Siera Bearchell: "I can make a batch of cookies that may be the best cookies you have ever tried! AND the best guacamole!"

Miss Universe Singapore Cheryl Chou: "When I was young, my dad taught me how to whistle, and over the years I got very good at it. I can whistle almost any tune and song there is!"

Miss Universe Costa Rica Carolina Rodriguez Duran: "Cooking and handcrafting."

Miss Universe Germany Johanna Acs: "I love to write poems. When I was 9 years old, I already wrote a book with poems – I wrote a separate poem to 26 different words that start with each letter of the alphabet."

Miss Universe Bahamas Cherell Williamson: "Can string a bead of seashells/fresh water pearls in 60 seconds whilst texting."

Miss Universe Curacao Chanelle de Lau: "Grabbing cooking recipes and experimenting with them to create better versions."

Miss Universe Belgium Stephanie Geldhof: "My grand-mom was a very good art-painter and taught me how to paint when I was little."

Miss Universe Sri Lanka Jayathi De Silva: "I am very good at cross-stitch sewing."

Miss Universe Albania Lindita Idrizi: "Acting."

Miss Universe Iceland Hildur Leifsdóttir: "Only when playing sports, I am ambidextrous!"

Miss Universe Honduras Sirey Moran: "Public Speaking."

Miss Universe Perú Valeria Piazza: "I have always loved to experience new cultures and surroundings, because of this I always felt that one of my hidden talents was having the ability to adapt rapidly to any situation and the people around me."

Miss Universe Angola Luísa Baptista: "Dance."

Miss Universe Australia Caris Tiivel: "I am a very artistic & creative person."

Miss Universe Czech Republic Andrea Bezdekova: "Extremely funny."

Miss Universe Great Britain Jaime-Lee Faulkner: "Press ups in heels! Hula hoop. I can do the worm! haha! Oh and of course sing... in the shower!"

Miss Universe Brazil Raissa Santana: "Cooking."

Miss Universe Hungary Veronika Bódizs: "I think my hidden talent is that I always create a positive atmosphere around me and make people smile."

Miss Universe Georgia Nuka Karalashvili: "I am a natural communicator. In a way it's hidden, but then it may be obvious too. Hidden, because I am not the type who jumps at people. Obvious, because I easily approach people and initiate conversations, and vice versa respond to anyone who comes close to speak. By communicating I do not just express myself, but also absorb what is out there, learn a lot about people, things, events and grow as a person."

Miss Universe British V.I. Erika Creque: "When I was younger I used to be very good at drawing any cartoon I saw, but I haven't done that in years."

Miss Universe Bulgaria Violina Ancheva: "I can paint."

Miss Universe China Li ZhenYing: "I think I have a good voice. If I have more vocal training, I will be a good singer."

Miss Universe Croatia Barbara Filipovic: "Singing in the shower, dancing when no one is looking."

Miss Universe Denmark Christina Mikkelsen: "Painting and drawing."

Miss Universe Dominican Republic Rosalba Abreu: "I could have been a great cook or perhaps chef.  I have the ability to cook pasta and make a delicious marina sauce for big quantities of people by instincts and without using any measuring devices. I also believe I have a talent for acting and dancing."

Miss Universe Switzerland Dijana Cvijetic: "Acting and DJ."

Miss Universe Finland Shirly Karvinen: "I love cooking. My mother is the best chef in the whole world and I have learned a lot from her."

Miss Universe France Iris Mittenaere: "Cooking French specialities."

Miss Universe Jamaica Isabel Dalley: "I've successfully counseled people out self-harm and starting substance abuse."

Miss Universe India Roshmitha Harimurthy: "Cooking South Indian Dishes."

Miss Universe Indonesia Kezia Warouw: "Modeling."

Miss Universe South Africa Ntandoyenkosi Kunene: "I can sing in self-made hiccups."

Miss Universe Kenya Mary Were: "Poetry."

Miss Universe Korea Jenny Kim: "I memorize songs really well even though I listen to it once."

Miss Universe Kosovo Camila Barraza: "Painting."

Miss Universe Malaysia Kiranmeet Kaur Baljeet Singh: "I am good at doodling. I don't draw faces, but I am able to extract henna art. More recently, I've developed an interest in baking. Call it beginner's luck, but my cakes turn out delicious!?

Miss Universe Malta Martha Fenech: "It would have to be acting! Since whenever I was cast in a role I was told I did very well. It's also something I would like to pursue further."

Miss Universe Mauritius Kushboo Ramnawaj: "I can befriend people very quickly irrespective of their age, gender and I can also wear my make-up like a pro since I was trained by make-up artist."

Miss Universe Mexico Kristal Silva: "I like to sing."

Miss Universe Netherlands Zoey Ivory: "I can hula-hoop very well and I can move my eyebrows, nose and ears in unique ways."

Miss Universe New Zealand Tania Dawson: "Singing."

Miss Universe Nigeria Unoaku Anyadike: "Poetry."

Miss Universe Sweden Ida Ovmar: "I am very agile."

Miss Universe Panama Keity Drennan: "I draw."

Miss Universe Puerto Rico Brenda Jimenez: "I am a good salesperson and I am good at convincing people."

Miss Universe Paraguay Andrea Melgarejo: "I sing."

Miss Universe Philippines Maxine Medina: "I can do portrait sketches."Miss Universe Romania Teodora Dan: Dancing

Miss Universe Russia Yuliana Korolkova: "Joking, kidding."

Miss Universe Sierra Leone Hawa Kamara: "I love to sing."

Miss Universe Spain Noelia Freir: "Good singer in the shower."

Miss Universe Turkey Tansu Sila Cakir: "I think I am gourmet I like to taste new food or product such as; I like to taste from different cultures' traditional food."

Miss Universe Tanzania Jihan Dimachk: "Drawing - I keep that to myself as I don't consider myself Monet."

Miss Universe Thailand Chalita Suansane: "I love 'clean food' and from my own practice, now I have become a good cook. I like to come up with new recipes and I like how clean food offers food as close to how nature delivered it as possible. Hence, the healthy proteins and fats are still preserved which is essential to our health."