Delicious Dishes to Try From Around the World
18 Jan 2017

Delicious Dishes to Try From Around the World

We asked Miss Universe contestants: "What is your favorite native dish from your country?" No surprise, we got a variety of amazing dishes from all across the globe! Check out some of their answers below.

Miss Universe Albania Lindita Idrizi: "Yogurt Casserole."

Miss Universe Angola Luísa Baptista: "Funge of nuts chicken with moamba of peanuts and beans."

Miss Universe Argentina Estefania Bernal: Bife de chorizo (Steak)

Miss Universe Aruba Charlene Leslie: "Fried Funchi, it is made out of cornmeal and may also be known as polenta."

Miss Universe Australia Caris Tiivel: "Definitely Tim Tams!"

Miss Universe Austria Dajana Dzinic: "Vienna Schnitzel."

Miss Universe Bahamas Cherell Williamson: "Conch salad and conch fritters. Conch is essentially a 'sea snail.'"

Miss Universe Barbados Shannon Harris: "Definitely Flying Fish and Macaroni Pie!"

Miss Universe Belgium Stephanie Geldhof: "French fries with mayonnaise."

Miss Universe Belize Rebecca Rath: "Sahou – this is a traditional Garifuna custard that is made with coconut milk and grated cassava simmered with sugar and cinnamon. It is said to give you strength and I believe it does as our Belize national football team drinks a cup before every game!"

Miss Universe Bolivia Antonella Moscatelli Saucedo: "Majao de charche and piquemacho."

Miss Universe Brazil Raissa Santana: "Feijoada."

Miss Universe British V.I. Erika Creque: "Red Bean Soup (Peas Soup) would be my favorite native dish. In the British Virgin Islands. We make Red Bean Soup like no other place in the world, we add a special touch of milk and sugar."

Miss Universe Bulgaria Violina Ancheva: "Banitsa. It is a kind of cheese cake."

Miss Universe Canada Siera Bearchell: "Butter Tarts and Ketchup Chips."

Miss Universe Cayman Islands Monyque Brooks: "Stew Conch! I take pleasure in diving them up from the sea and taking them home to cook them! It is prepared with coconut milk, flour dumplings, paired with white rice and other sides such as cassava and banana."

Miss Universe Chile Catalina Cáceres: "Porotos granados."

Miss Universe Colombia Andrea Tovar: "Sancocho es una sopa con muchas carnes diferentes, el arroz de longaniza chocoano, la bandeja paisa, un cholao."

Miss Universe Costa Rica Carolina Rodriguez Duran: "It is Gallo Pinto. You need to try this!"

Miss Universe Croatia Barbara Filipovic: Janjetina (Roasted Lamb)

Miss Universe Curacao Chanelle de Lau: "Stewed Beef with cooked cornmeal and Pumpkin Pancakes."

Miss Universe Czech Republic Andrea Bezdekova: "Tomato sauce with dumplings."

Miss Universe Denmark Christina Mikkelsen: "Duck, pig, brown sauce and potatoes. (FLÆSKESTEG OG AND MED BRUN SOVS OG KARTOFLRER) Normally this is not something I would eat in a normal day. I almost only eat this Christmas Eve, since it's a tradition in Denmark. This dish, brings out the memories of Christmas with my family."

Miss Universe Dominican Republic Rosalba Abreu: "Fish in Coconut Sauce (Pescado Con Coco)."

Miss Universe Ecuador Connie Jiménez: "My favorite dish from my country is green plantain dumpling soup, 'Caldo de bolas.' It consists of dumplings or balls made from green plantains and stuffed with meat and vegetables served in a beef broth with corn and yuca. It is DELICIOUS. You must try it."

Miss Universe Finland Shirly Karvinen: "Reindeer meat."

Miss Universe France Iris Mittenaere: "Snails from burgundy. I love the burgundy sauce, with garlic and herbs."

Miss Universe Georgia Nuka Karalashvili: "I have two absolutely favorite dishes. These are: Khachapuri: a baked pie with cheese. And Elarji: corn grits with a lot of melted cheese, so that elarji turns into a sticky, cheesy paste."

Miss Universe Germany Johanna Acs: "Wurst & Sauerkraut."

Miss Universe Great Britain Jaime-Lee Faulkner: "A Roast dinner with Yorkshire Puddings."

Miss Universe Guam Muneka Joy Cruz Taisipic: "My favorite dish from my country is beef keleguen. Beef keleguen is raw beef soaked in lemon, salt, onions and hot peppers."

Miss Universe Guatemala Virginia Argueta: "Caldo de Gallina."

Miss Universe Guyana Soyini Fraser: "Metem Gee! It is ground provisions boiled in seasoned coconut milk with duff (dumplings)."

Miss Universe Haiti Raquel Pelissier: "Pork and Fried plantains (Griot and bannan peze)."

Miss Universe Honduras Sirey Moran: "Baleada: Is a flour tortilla with bean and cheese."

Miss Universe Hungary Veronika Bódizs: "Gulasch soup."

Miss Universe Iceland Hildur Leifsdóttir: "Harðfiskur (dried fish) with butter."

Miss Universe India Roshmitha Harimurthy: "Masala Dosa."

Miss Universe Indonesia Kezia Warouw: "My favourite dishes come from North Sulawesi which include Bubur Manado (Manado Porridge), Daun Gedi (vegetables Gedi) which serves with corn, pumpkin and traditional chili sauce called Sambal Ikan Roa. Because I love spicy foods, Sambal Ikan Roa is almost inseparable from me."

Miss Universe Israel Yam Kaspers Anshel: "Falafel."

Miss Universe Jamaica Isabel Dalley: "Red Snapper steamed with okras and local spices inclusive of the Jamaican Scotch Bonnet Pepper served with rice & peas and steamed calaloo and served with a freshly blended fruit punch which consists of papaya,watermelon, mango and banana."

Miss Universe Japan Sari Nakazawa: "Sushi."

Miss Universe Kenya Mary Were: "'PILAU.' It is one of Kenya's special dishes from the Coast of the Country."

Miss Universe Korea Jenny Kim: "My favorite native dish is Japchae, Korean noodle. The reason why I like Japchae is because it is a perfect dish for a single meal. Japchae contains meat and vegetables which is a right balance of protein, fiber, and carbohydrate. The ingredients of Japchae are varieties of vegetables such as carrot, spinach, mushroom, beef, and noodle. I enjoy eating Japchae and I would love to share this lovely food with all my peers."

Miss Universe Kosovo Camila Barraza: "Flia also known as a Fli or Flija is a Kosovo Albanian dish. It consists of multiple crepe like layers brushed with cream and served with yogurt. There are sayings that hundred years ago Flia was cooked for the first time, its ingredients and the way of preparation were a result of poverty. Flia requires very simple ingredients such as flour, water and salt. March 18 is recognized as 'Flia Day' in which families invite their relatives for preparing and eating Flia."

Miss Universe Malaysia Kiranmeet Kaur Baljeet Singh: "Out of the many native dishes that Malaysia has to offer, Rojak would my favourite. The term 'Rojak' Malay for mixture, is also a colloquial expression for electric mix that essentially describes the mosaic of cultures and ethnicity of Malaysian society. It is a fruit and vegetable salad dish consisting of pounded groundnuts, papaya, mangoes, deep fried bean curd, bean sprouts, cucumber, fritters with sugar, chilly, lime juice and water as dressing. There are many variations of this dish throughout the Peninsular, each state having its own."

Miss Universe Malta Martha Fenech: "There are too many dishes to mention here but one big favourite of mine is Widow's Soup, which is the epitome of Maltese soups. It has earned its name from the fact that it is considered to be a 'poor man's dish'. This is because several years ago it was very popular with widow's whose husband had just passed away and had no big means to raise their children. So they put a lot of vegetables into a soup, maltese sausage, goat's cheese, and anything that took their fancy to create a very thick but inexpensive broth which is still nutritious."

Miss Universe Mauritius Kushboo Ramnawaj: "Poisson a la Creole, which is a fried fish in a tomato sauce with herbs and spices."

Miss Universe Mexico Kristal Silva: "Tacos and guacamole."

Miss Universe Myanmar Htet Htet Htun: "Naan with Pea."

Miss Universe Namibia Lizelle Esterhuizen: "'Braaivleis' and my mom's potato salad."

Miss Universe Netherlands Zoey Ivory: "I think we have the best candy and cookies. I love our Dutch caramel waffles called Stroopwafels and little spiced biscuits called Pepernoten."

Miss Universe New Zealand Tania Dawson: "Hangi- Potatoes, Kumara, Vegetables and Meat traditionally cooked in a pit lined with hot stones and covered with wet cloth. The food pit is then buried and give the food an earthy flavor."

Miss Universe Nicaragua Marina Jacoby: "This is such a hard question because in the past five minutes I have not been able to decide which native food to chose as my favorite. But because I have to choose one, I would say Nacatamal, which is cooked corn dough mixed with potatoes, tomatoes, rice, pork, etc. molded by banana leafs."

Miss Universe Nigeria Unoaku Anyadike: "Amala and Ewedu with fresh fish/goat meat."

Miss Universe Norway Christina  Waage: "Bacalao."

Miss Universe Panama Keity Drennan: "Rice with chickens and banana in temptation."

Miss Universe Paraguay Andrea Melgarejo: "Paraguayan soup."

Miss Universe Perú Valeria Piazza: "My favorite native dish is Ceviche but if I were able to pick to Lomo Saltado would not be close behind. This are not only my favorite native dishes, these are my favorite plates over any other I have ever tried."

Miss Universe Philippines Maxine Medina: "Kare-Kare."

Miss Universe Poland Izabella Krzan: "Pierogi! (Dumplings with mushrooms)."

Miss Universe Puerto Rico Brenda Jimenez: "White rice, beef stew and mofongo (mashed plantains)."

Miss Universe Romania Teodora Dan: "Cabbage rolls filled with meat and rice,fried dough with sweet cheese."

Miss Universe Russia Yuliana Korolkova: "I love Russian pelmeni (a kind of ravioli). Pelmeni is a taste of my childhood."

Miss Universe Sierra Leone Hawa Kamara: "I love to eat CASAVA leaves made with the leaves of the cassava vegetable mixed with chicken."

Miss Universe Singapore Cheryl Chou: "I love Roti Prata! Which is essentially a flatbread that is flipped and folded into many layers (like how a pastry is) and then fried. It is eaten with different types of curries like chicken or beef. My favorite way of eating Roti Prata is with sugar, and it used to be one of my go to breakfast dishes when I was younger."

Miss Universe Slovak Republic Zuzana Kollarova: "Potato dumplings with sheep cheese and bacon."

Miss Universe Slovenia Lucija Potočnik: "A traditional Slovene dish for special occasions is a type of cake called potica. The taste is sweet and the main ingredient is walnut."

Miss Universe South Africa Ntandoyenkosi Kunene: "Braai'd mielies, pap and biltong."

Miss Universe Spain Noelia Freir: "Paella."

Miss Universe Sri Lanka Jayathi De Silva: "Hoppers."

Miss Universe Sweden Ida Ovmar: "My favorite dish from Sweden is meat from elk with salad."

Miss Universe Switzerland Dijana Cvijetic: "Swiss cheese fondue."

Miss Universe Tanzania Jihan Dimachk: "Wali Maharage (Beans and rice cooked the Tanzanian Way)."

Miss Universe Thailand Chalita Suansane: "Tom Yam Khung (Shrimps soup with lemongrass)."

Miss Universe Turkey Tansu Sila Cakir: "Mantı, Baklava, Kebap."

Miss Universe Ukraine Alena Spodynyuk: "Vareniki (Dumplings) - a dish is most widespread in the Ukrainian cuisine, cooked in a product made from unleavened dough stuffed with minced meat, vegetables, mushrooms, fruit, cheese."

Miss USA Deshauna Barber: "We are a melting pot of foods, but I love crab legs and any seafood."

Miss Universe Uruguay Magdalena Cohendet: "Asado."

Miss Universe US Virgin Islands Carolyn Carter: "I love guava tarts! Guava is one of my favorite fruits and is grown locally in the islands. We have amazing local bakeries that bake fresh guava tarts daily, and I grew up eating them as a sweet treat. Now, I love to pick one up before I travel and take it with me on the plane as a snack!."

Miss Universe Venezuela Mariam Habach: "Acema Tocuyana is a sweet bread of El Tocuyo."