Travel Fashionably, Just Like Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach!
18 Jan 2017

Travel Fashionably, Just Like Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach!

Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach has spent plenty of time traveling during her year as Miss Universe. While browsing the photos of her various adventures on Instagram, we noticed something seriously important: She always travels in style!

Check out six tips to help you travel in style, inspired by Pia's on-the-go looks.

1. Keep It Casual

You don't have to dress up to look fashionable! Pia kept her look casual with a white blouse, gray pants and silver sneakers while traveling. She captioned the photo in front of the UFC sign, "Let the games begin."

2. But You Don't Have to Dress Down to Be Comfy!

Flowy long skirts or maxi dresses are great, comfortable alternatives to leggings or sweatpants while traveling. Pia could take this look straight from the plane to a busy weekend of events and activities!

Pia captioned this photo, "Besos Ecuador!! Finally in Machala now. Arrived in Guayaquil this morning then straight to their Red Cross center to see the relief effort situation. We will also be having a fundraiser tonight 'Casita De Mis Suenos' where proceeds to go the Ecuadorian children. AND! Machala Parade tomorrow! I cannot wait to meet you all!"

3. Don't Forget Your Pillow

How cute is Pia's pink pillow?! She captioned the pic, "Off to have some family time for the holidays." (P.S. The stuffed pillow could have been a holiday gift for someone instead of her own, but we still think it's adorable!)

4. Coordinate Your Luggage

Coordinating your luggage is any easy way to make things stylish while traveling, plus keep track of all your bags. Pia's silver suitcase has easily become one of her on-the-go staples! She captioned this pic, "Here we go again."

5. Go for Monogrammed Luggage (Or a Monogrammed Sweater!)

'P' is for Pia! We love Pia's monogrammed pink sweater. Monogramming your luggage is another way to upgrade your travel bags, as well as help you identify them at baggage claim. Pia captioned this pic, "And we're off. Back to the official home of Miss Universe during this dreamy year."

6. Find a Travel Buddy

What's more fashionable than a great friend? Pia and Miss USA Deshauna Barber were #friendshipgoals and #stylegoals while traveling to Las Vegas for the Miss Teen USA competition.