What Does It Mean to Be “Confidently Beautiful?”
15 Jan 2017

What Does It Mean to Be “Confidently Beautiful?”


The Miss Universe competition's motto is “Confidently Beautiful.” We asked this year's contestants, "What quality do you find that makes a woman 'confidently beautiful?'"

Many contestants said that being "confidently beautiful" is all about truly loving yourself. Check out some of their answers below to find out what being "confidently beautiful" means to them and let their words inspire you to be your best, "confidently beautiful" self in 2017.

Miss Universe Canada 2016 Siera Bearchell: "A woman is confidently beautiful when she is confident with who she is and is unapologetically herself.  People are attracted to the energy of a confident person. A confidently beautiful woman is someone who follows their passions and dreams with enthusiasm despite challenges and obstacles.  The most beautiful thing we can wear is confidence."

Miss Universe 2016 British V.I. Erika Creque: "Being strong, confident, driven, independent and knowing that she is comfortable in her own skin is what makes a woman 'confidently beautiful.' It is about knowing and accepting who she is as a person. It is about knowing your limitations and focussing on your strong points. Being confidently beautiful is about loving yourself one hundred percent."

Miss Universe Curacao 2016 Chanelle de Lau: "The inner peace and acceptance of who you are as a woman, despite society's ever changing ideologies of what beauty is all about."

Miss Croatia Universe 2016 Barbara Filipovic: "Confidently beautiful women knows her qualities and doesn't let anyone put her down, but also doesn't put anyone down."

Miss Universe Barbados 2016 Shannon Harris:  There are a lot of qualities that make someone confidently beautiful, but to me the most important is the ability to have a voice and use it for those who are voiceless. To be able to speak on issues that matter to you and to give a voice and face to help those who can not yet speak for themselves is truly confidently beautiful. By speaking on issues, you encourage others to find the strength in themselves to do the same.

Miss Universe Singapore 2016 Cheryl Chou: "One quality that makes a woman 'confidently beautiful' is when she has a positive outlook on life. Her attitude towards any situation or person around her reflects her personality and charisma. Being positive is an important characteristic to have, because it shows her strength and confidence towards any challenges that she might face in her life, and that she never lets anything put her down."

Miss Aruba Universe 2016 Charlene Leslie: "A woman with persistence and  determination and passion. She knows exactly what she wants to achieve in life. Is aware of all the obstacles that she may encounter and still does not hold back. Is fierce and loves herself just as she is. Has a clear vision of the future taking good advantage of present day opportunities. A confidently beautiful woman that is mentally prepared to confront any challenge before her, because she is confident that her hard work will take her along the road of self-realization and self-achievement."

Miss Universe Belize 2016 Rebecca Rath: "I think what makes a woman confidently beautiful is being comfortable with who you are and what you believe in. Confidently beautiful means being genuine and respecting others; being able to make an impact on those around you based on your values and actions and not solely on your appearance."

Miss Universe Argentina 2016 Estefania Bernal: "Intelligence, culture and to have confidence in oneself."

Miss Universe Bahamas 2016 Cherell Williamson: "A woman's soul, essence, and inner being – that unique combination of those personal inner traits which make her happy, whole, relatable, and engaged to every person and experience she encounters everyday and empowers them to be better - makes her confidently beautiful."

Miss Universe Denmark 2016 Christina Mikkelsen: "The ability of compassion. Being able to lift others and look over your own needs. Being beautiful can be defined in many different ways, and people will never agree. But one thing I'm sure we all can agree on, being confidential beautiful, means to be beautiful from the inside and out."

Miss Universe Dominican Republic 2016 Rosalba Abreu: "A woman who simply believes in herself."

Miss Universe France 2016 Iris Mittenaere: "Being confidently beautiful is not only a question of appearance. Beauty shines from the inside out. Be kind-hearted, believe in moral values, have confidence in myself, but also admit my flaws, that is the way to work on myself and become confidently beautiful."

Miss Universe Venezuela 2016 Mariam Habach: "I think drive. For example, I don't stop until I reach the goal."

Miss Universe Germany 2016 Johanna Acs: "In my opinion, inner values reflect beauty to the outside. I always found that if someone is beautiful from the inside, it makes that person automatically beautiful from the outside as well! Another quality that represents a confidently beautiful woman is intelligence."

Miss Universe Norway 2016 Christina Waage: "I believe 'confidently beautiful' is a woman who can walk into a room and have no need to compare herself to anyone, or to think that she is better. She have the passion and ability to inspire, as well a clear set of good values, selflessness and acceptance of others."

Mis Universe Guam 2016 Muneka Joy Cruz Taisipic: "A quality that I find that makes a woman “confidently beautiful” would be how she represents her culture in her everyday life."

Miss Universe Kenya 2016 Mary Esther Were: "Being naturally yourself. Because to be 'confidently beautiful' is not something you try to be, it is something that happens naturally when you are comfortable just being yourself."

Miss Universe Guyana 2016 Soyini Fraser: "A woman who knows who she is, what she wants in life and has a plan on how she intends to achieve those goals, yet still finds time to help others find themselves and achieve their goals is confidently beautiful in my opinion."

Miss USA 2016 Deshauna Barber: "The quality that I believe make women 'confidently beautiful' would be ambitious.  I believe ambition requires someone to believe in themselves and their ability to accomplish their goals which in turn is living and being 'confidently beautiful.'"

Miss Universe Haiti 2016 Raquel Pelissier: "A woman who is 'confidently beautiful' embraces her beauty inside and out, her flaws and her roots. She is self-aware. She knows herself and her worth."

Miss Universe India 2016 Roshmitha Harimurthy: To me a beautiful confident woman is the one who feels confident from within and who is at ease with herself. A woman who is comfortable with her own skin, who has respect and compassion for others and who truly believes in herself.

Miss Universe Malaysia 2016 Kiranmeet Kaur Baljeet Singh: "I am convinced that humility is the greatest asset that makes a woman confidently beautiful. Her confidence and beauty is amplified by her kind heart, generosity, and acceptance towards the imperfections that lie within her.  It's how she sees the world and appreciates humanity, and she strives to radiate this beauty to those around her. She is constantly challenging herself, she never stops learning because she is convicted that knowledge is beauty in its own. A beautiful, confident woman, is humble."

Miss Universe Panama 2016 Keity Drennan: "A self-confident woman with values, who respects herself and fights for her ideals."

Miss Universe Perú 2016 Valeria Piazza: "The ability to be humble. Being strong to shine with your own light without taking anyone else's, admitting you will always be able to learn from everyone around you and always working on being a better version of yourself. Having the perfect balance between modesty and confidence to live your life and reach your goals."

Miss Universe Philippines 2016 Maxine Medina: "A woman's passion to pursue her dreams despite all odds makes her confidently beautiful."

Miss Universe Sierra Leone 2016 Hawa Kamara: "A women that is comfortable in her skin, a woman proud of who she is and her background. Being confidently beautiful, allowing the world to see you for who you are."

Miss Universe South Africa 2016 Ntandoyenkosi Kunene: "That she is comfortable within her own skin."

Miss Universe Thailand 2016 Chalita Suansane: "I believe that true beauty comes from inside. Fulfilling your own passion, having a kind heart and self-respect, and be compassionate to other living things will make you unique and beautiful in your own way. From this you can confidently see the good in yourself and feel beautiful in your own way."

Miss Universe US Virgin Islands 2016 Carolyn Carter: "'Confidently Beautiful' describes a woman who follows her heart and believes in herself. She is comfortable in her own skin pursuing her own path. She is not only physically beautiful, but hard working, kind, dedicated, confident, and elegant. “Confidently Beautiful” manifests itself in all shapes, sizes, colors, and ages. It is the power of a woman who knows who she is, and by being herself, she inspires and empowers everyone around her to do the same."

Miss Universe Vietnam 2o16 Le Hang: "In my opinion, 'confidently beautiful' starts with loving yourself, and other people and compassion to life. When you realize the value of yourself, confident and beauty will shine from within."