Healthy Dishes Miss Universe Contestants Say You Have to Try
14 Jan 2017

Healthy Dishes Miss Universe Contestants Say You Have to Try


Now that the holidays are over, you may have resolved to eat healthier in 2017. Need some inspiration for healthy dishes to try in the new year? We're here to help!

We asked this year's Miss Universe contestants about their favorite healthy dishes from around the world. Check out their favorite delicious, healthy meals below.

You Can’t Go Wrong With a Good Salad!

Miss Universe Albania 2016 Lindita Idrizi told us, "Is it green? It’s healthy." Numerous Miss Universe contestants told us their favorite healthy dish is a salad. Check out some of their favorite kinds!

Miss Universe Panama 2016 Keity Drennan: "I love salads my favorite one is arugula with strawberry, almonds, parmesan cheese with lemon olive oil and apple vinegar"

Miss Universe Austria 2016 Dajana Dzinic: "Avocado-papaya salad with chia seeds."

Miss Universe Jamaica 2016 Isabel Dalley: "Jerk Hip Strip Salad. This is a garden salad consisting of lettuce, tomatoes [and] carrots, topped with a breast of Jerked chicken. Simply delicious and balanced!"

Miss Universe Argentina 2016 Estefania Bernal: "Fish whit salad."

Miss Universe South Africa 2016 Ntandoyenkosi Kunene: "Biltong and avocado salad."

Miss Universe Great Britain 2016 Jaime-Lee Faulkner: "A superfood salad."

Miss Universe India 2016 Roshmitha Harimurthy: "Chicken Caesar Salad."

Miss Universe Indonesia 2016 Kezia Warouw: "Gado-gado (Indonesian Salad). It is both tasty and healthy."

Miss Universe Sri Lanka 2016 Jayathi De Silva: "Grilled Chicken Salad."

Grilled Chicken and Vegetables

Another popular dish numerous Miss Universe contestants love to eat? Grilled chicken and vegetables! Miss Universe Croatia 2016 Barbara Filipovic, Miss Universe Mexico 2016 Kristal Silva, Miss Universe Bolivia 2016 Antonella Moscatelli Saucedo, Miss Universe Finland 2016 Shirly Karvinen all agree that chicken and vegetables is a tasty, healthy dish! Check out some of the ways Miss Universe contestants like to prepare their chicken and vegetables below.

Miss Universe Guam 2016 Muneka Joy Cruz Taisipic: "My favorite healthy dishy would be a serving of chicken breast, brown rice and egg whites all mixed together like fried rice."

Miss Universe Sweden 2016 Ida Ovmar: "Chicken and a salad with avocado, spinach and tomatoes."

Miss Universe Thailand 2016 Chalita Suansane: "Grilled chicken breast and steamed vegetables."

Miss Universe Iceland 2016 Hildur Maria: "Chicken with sweet potato and vegetables."

Miss Universe Aruba 2016 Charlene Leslie: "Not only is my mom's oven baked chicken my favorite dish, it is also healthy!"

Lots of Veggies!

You also can't go wrong with vegetables! Here are some of this year's contestants favorite veggies and vegetable dishes.

Miss Universe Georgia 2016 Nuka Karalashvili: "I love grilled vegetables, especially the combination of well-known, local ones and foreign, exotic types. It feels as if these new tastes take you to other places all over the world and a simple meal turns into a real feast."

Miss Universe Canada 2016 Siera Bearchell: "Cauliflower Buffalo 'Wings' with a plant based home-made Ranch Dip."

Miss Universe Curacao 2016 Chanelle de Lau: "Cauliflower fried rice or zucchini pasta with pesto!"

Miss Universe Bahamas 2016 Cherell Williamson: "Brocolli – steamed, boiled, or in a low-calorie quiche!"

Miss USA 2016 Deshauna Barber: "Grilled Asparagus."

Miss Universe Perú 2016 Valeria Piazza: "My favorite healthy dish is a veggie omelet. I discovered it one day when I was hungry and decided to use all the vegetable I had left in my fridge.".

Vegetarian Options

From vegetables to vegetarian dishes, here are some of this year's contestants' favorite vegetarian recipes from around the world.

Miss Universe Singapore 2016 Cheryl Chou: "I love whipping up a big pot of vegan stew because there is nothing like comfort food than stew. I add in onions, corn, zucchini, lentils, chickpeas, carrots, tomatoes, and mushrooms and let it cook in a crockpot for a couple of hours. It goes so well with couscous or rice, and I used to make it while I was living in Shanghai because it was the perfect dish to warm you up during the wintertime."

Miss Universe US Virgin Islands 2016 Carolyn Carter: "Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, and I love organic oatmeal! I add fun toppings like organic coconut yogurt, flax oil, raw almonds, and pineapple."

Miss Universe Myanmar 2016 Htet Htet Htun: "As I am a vegetarian, most of what I eat can be considered healthy. However, to point out my favorite dish, it would be stuffed fried tofu. Inside this stuffed tofu. there is cabbage, squeezed lemon, chili, and salt, topped off with a small touch of lemon leaves. Because I prefer sour and spicy flavors, I really enjoy eating this dish."

Miss Universe Germany 2016 Johanna Acs: "My favorite healthy dish is definitely avocado. I love to mix avocado with everything - salads, wraps, breads, smoothies etc. It's filling, very healthy and tastes so delicious!"

Miss Universe Belize 2016 Rebecca Rath: "Peanut Butter and banana on wheat toast! It is loaded with omegas, fiber and protein and potassium and is quick and easy to prepare"

Miss Universe Uruguay 2016 Magdalena Cohendet: "Vegetable soup."


Quinoa is another healthy dish that some of this year’s contestants love! Miss Universe Ecuador 2016 Connie Jiménez, Miss Universe Guyana 2016 Soyini Fraser and Miss Universe Haiti 2016 Raquel Pelissier all say they enjoy quinoa.


Fish was another popular answer! Check out how some of this year’s contestants like to eat it.

Miss Universe Costa Rica 2016 Carolina Rodriguez Duran: "Ceviche! This dish is made with raw fish which is cooked with citrus lime juice. Additional seasonings such as chopped onions, peppers, salt, and cilantro are also added. Ceviche can be accompanied/sided with avocado or chips if you desire."

Miss Universe Belgium 2016 Stephanie Geldhof: "Salmon with spinach and broccoli."

Miss Universe Cayman Islands 2016 Monyque Brooks: "I am a true island girl! I love to eat fresh fish with vegetables!"

Miss Universe British V.I. 2016 Erika Creque: "My favorite healthy dish would be grilled salmon with red blissed potatoes and a fruit smoothie."

Miss Universe Norway 2016 Christina Waage: "Salmon with asparagus, lemon and avocado."

Miss Universe Slovak Republic 2016 Zuzana Kollarova: "Salmon salad and chia seeds."

Can't Forget the Fresh Fruit!

Can't forget the fresh fruits! Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2016 Brenda Azaria says she loves "all fruits!" See some of the other ways you can enjoy fruit in 2017.

Miss Universe Dominican Republic 2016 Rosalba Abreu: "Organically grown fruits and vegetables which are readably available in the Dominican Republic."

Miss Universe Venezuela 2016 Mariam Habach: "Fruits!! In Venezuela we found tropical fruits everywhere. I love tangerine, pineapple and bananas."

Miss Universe Malaysia 2016 Kiranmeet Kaur Baljeet Singh: "Greek yoghurt with fruits, nuts and muesli! It's the perfect snack that keeps you chilled on a hot day while filling your hungry belly! It's indeed a bowl of goodness."

Fresh Juice and Smoothies

Miss Universe Brazil 2016 Raissa Santana and Miss Universe Kosovo 2016 Camila Barraza say they like green juice and green smoothies. Miss Universe Ukraine 2016 Alena Spodynyuk also says she enjoys fresh juices, while Miss Universe Slovenia 2016 Lucija Potočnik favorite smoothie is a vegetable smoothie with coconut and dates.