What to Bring on a Long-Haul Flight
12 Jan 2017

What to Bring on a Long-Haul Flight

What to Bring on a Long-Haul Flight

Heading to the Philippines means a long-haul flight for many Miss Universe hopefuls and fans which can leave you feeling dull. You’ll want to touch down looking fabulous and feeling well-rested, so here are the nine carry-on must-haves you’ll need to look and feel your best when you land.


1. Water and moisturizer — Air travel is dehydrating for your skin and the rest of your body. To keep yourself looking and feeling hydrated, definitely make sure that these two items are featured prominently in your carry-on.

2. Magazines / Books / iPad — Keep yourself entertained!

3. Headphones & Ear Plugs — Whether you’re jamming to some tunes or just trying to drown out the crying baby across the aisle, headphones and/or ear plugs are key.

4. Pens — You’ll have to fill out a customs form and you’ll make friends with a lot of your fellow travelers if you’ve got an extra pen to spare.

5. Snacks — Trail mix, granola bars and dehydrated fruit are easy to grab and go, plus they’ll keep your tummy full in between meals.

6. Shawl / Scarf / Blanket — It gets cold in flight, so bring something cozy to wrap around yourself just in case!

7. Face Wipes — Face wipes are a quick and easy way to feel a bit more refreshed when you land, and you don’t even have to leave your seat.

8. Toothbrush & Toothpaste — Girl, your morning breath isn’t the first impression you want to leave with someone.

9. Eye Mask — Catching some Zzz’s in-flight will be so much easier with one of these.