Patriots Cheerleader Crowned Miss MA USA
09 Dec 2016

Patriots Cheerleader Crowned Miss MA USA

Julia Scaparotti, a Patriots cheerleader, is one of the newest ladies to join the Miss USA sisterhood.  She was recently crowned Miss Massachusetts USA 2017.  In addition to competing for the title with other women from her state, she also competed against other Patriot cheerleaders.


Julia says “It was nice to have the support system of them, too. I was thinking, statistically if I don’t win, I have two women that I would love to win,” Julia said. “And it’s true. If I didn’t win, I would want it for one of them because I know how hard they’ve worked. I love them.”

Julia will head to the 2017 MISS USA Competition where she will compete to win the title Miss USA, stay tuned!