What Miss USA 2017 Contestants Would Do For Their Talent Portion
13 Apr 2017

What Miss USA 2017 Contestants Would Do For Their Talent Portion

The Miss USA Competition doesn’t have a talent portion, but that doesn’t mean these contestants don’t have skills!


  1. Miss Arizona USA Tommy Lynn Calhoun

I’m a country girl at heart - cowboy boots, big buckles and horses included. If there was a talent portion I would either do Western Trick Rope or Line dancing since I learned both at a young age”.


  1. Miss Texas USA Nancy Gonzalez

“My talent would be archery. I have good aim and can bull’s eye almost any target!”


  1. Miss Wyoming USA Mikaela Shaw

“I would play a fun and upbeat fiddle song to give the audience a few minutes to smile and enjoy the music. The more people standing, clapping, and dancing, the better!”


  1. Miss West Virginia USA Lauren Roush

I was a member of my high school marching band, and my love of musical entertainment was developed as a member of the color guard. Our band was unique in that it was one of the only true military bands remaining in the United States, and I served as Captain of the band’s Rifle Corps. If the competition had a talent portion, I would do a rifle spinning routine to Christina Aguilera’s “Candy Man” in a retro military dance costume.”


  1. Miss North Dakota USA Raquel Wellentin

“If the Miss USA 2017 pageant had a talent portion I would definitely lift heavy weights on stage”