judgePia Wurtzbach

On December 20, 2015 Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach made history when she became the 64th Miss Universe and third woman from the Philippines to hold the title. For the women who compete at Miss Universe, the opportunity to represent their countries at the prestigious pageant is an honor. This is especially true for the Philippines where the competition is watched in nearly every household when it airs. Though Pia was initially announced as first runner-up, Filipino fans still went wild with cheers of congratulations and she felt satisfied knowing that she made her countrymen proud. Several moments later, host Steve Harvey corrected a mistake which will become known as one of the most talked about moments in live television history – the winner of Miss Universe 2015 was actually the Philippines. Becoming Miss Universe has been a lifelong dream of Pia’s that took several attempts to make it a reality – and her road to the crown was not always easy. Pia became determined to win the title of Miss Universe Philippines, and trained for three years before she finally won. "There are the three B’s in the Philippines; basketball, boxing, and beauty pageants!" explains Pia after she won. Never to let down her advocacy promises, Pia continues to champion in the fight against HIV/AIDS in the Philippines, an issue that is a growing problem in the country and one that is just beginning to receive national recognition for the severity of the disease. As Miss Universe, Pia worked with the LGBTQ community specifically to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS education and prevention, and will worked with groups such as Gay Men’s Health Crisis and Apicha Community Health Center. Just a few months ago, Pia was appointed the UNAIDS Ambassador for Asia and The Pacific and continues to travel and speak out lending her voice and bringing awareness to the continue fight against this deadly disease.