Video & Photo Upload Instructions

Each year the production team creates a Bio Video on each delegate. In order to share your story about who you are we need you to provide supporting video and photos so our fans can get to know all aspects of who you are. Below is a request list of photos and videos we need sent to us.

After your pre-interview with Miss Universe producers, you will be asked to send additional footage, as well.  The more footage you upload, the better your broadcast video will look.


Upload photos and video footage to designated dropbox AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, but no later than December 15th, 2022. 


Examples of footage to provide:

  1. Behind the Scenes video footage of planning, designing and the making of  your custom swimsuit cape. 

  2. Career/Education/Volunteering - Show us how you are achieving your goals

  3. Hobbies and Unique Interests 

  4. Family, including videos of any fun family outings or traditions

  5. Childhood photos and videos

  6. Your Country, including the following with you in the shot:

    • Nature

    • Famous Landmarks

    • Street Food or local cuisine

    • Traditional Celebrations or Outfits

    • Art

  7. Beauty photos and videos

    • Slow-motion beauty shots that showcase your personality

    • Professional Photos or Headshots

  8. Volunteer work

  9. Anything you’re doing to empower women 

  10. Entrepreneurship or your job

  11. TikToks and Instagram posts that highlight your personality