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Video & Photo Upload Instructions

At the bottom of this page is your country's private and individual media sharing link that should be updated throughout the year per the instructions and deadlines of the Miss Universe team. All footage submitted will be considered for use across MUO platforms, in 72nd Competition Broadcast, and for MUO general marketing purposes, pending it meets our quality requirements, naming conventions, and is submitted on time.

Closer to the date of the Competition we might reach out with additional requests but until then use the below as your guide. The more footage you upload, the better your broadcast video will look and the more opportunities to highlight you across MUO social platforms.


Upload photos and video footage to designated dropbox throughout the year.


Examples of footage to provide:


  • Your Crowning moment 

  • Your competition moments in one stringout

  • Any behind the scenes pageant footage 



  • Video should be  between 90 seconds and 3 minutes

  • Do not add music to the video

  • Please film in a quiet, well lit space

  • If you speak in a language other than English please include english subtitles

  • A vertical (9x16) introduction video 

  • Please state your name, country, and a little bit about yourself. 

  • Why you’re excited to compete for Miss Universe

  • Tell the audience what you’re most excited for in El Salvador 



  1. Career/Education/Volunteering - Show us how you are achieving your goals

  2. Hobbies and Unique Interests 

  3. Family, including videos of any fun family outings or traditions

  4. Childhood photos and videos

  5. You exploring your country, potentially visiting places such as the below: 

    • Nature

    • Famous Landmarks

    • Street Food or local cuisine

    • Traditional Celebrations or Outfits

    • Art

  6. Volunteer work

  7. Anything you’re doing to empower women 

  8. Entrepreneurship or your job

  9. TikToks and Instagram posts that highlight your personality



  • Official headshots (COUNTRY_NAME_HEADSHOT_1)

  • Early sketches of your National Costume (COUNTRY_NationalCostumeSketch_1)

  • Early fitting photos of National Costume (COUNTRY_NationalCostumeFitting_1)

  • Early sketches of your Swimsuit Cape (COUNTRY_Swimsuit_1)

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