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Arden Cho, actress, entrepreneur, model and singer-songwriter, is best known for her work as Kira Yukimura on the hit cult favorite, MTV’s “Teen Wolf.” Cho is also known for her work as Emily on NBC’s “Chicago Med”. She is currently in preproduction for her next film. 
After graduating from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Arden moved to Los Angeles to pursue her career in entertainment. In early 2013, she pursued her music career with the release of her first EP, ‘My True Happy,’ currently available on iTunes. With an active and growing following on her YouTube channel, ardenBCho, Arden continues to showcase her creative and music endeavors. She is currently working on her 2nd EP and releasing a new single in May 2021. 

Arden strives to be a role model to her fans and with that, a strong female force, using her business savvy abilities coupled with her love for fashion to build a brand outside of her acting career. This talented actress is the CEO of the very cool lifestyle brand Leonard & Church. 

When she is not on set filming, Cho participates in speaking engagements and musical performances across the country, encouraging younger generations to pursue their passions. Arden stands out among her peers, because she actively engages her celebrity and travels to speak at colleges; speaking to young men and woman about how to be their best selves and reach their goals.