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  1. After you apply and are accepted for your state pageant, you will receive the registration materials to officially register to enter the state pageant.

  2. During the state pageant weekend, you will participate in the categories of evening gown, interview, and swimwear.

  3. If you take home the state crown, not only will you have a year full of philanthropic and professional opportunities, but you will also be one of the 51 states competing on a TELEVISED stage.



The winner of the competition must be confident. She must understand the values of our brand and the responsibilities of the title. She must have the ability to articulate her ambition. A delegate should demonstrate authenticity, credibility and exhibit grace under pressure. The women who compete embody the modern, global aspiration for the potential within all women.


Each competition begins with preliminary interviews that include a swimsuit or athletic wear and evening gown presentation show. These preliminary events are especially important as it will be the first time the judges and fans really get to know the delegates. The preliminary competition is the driving force in selecting the Semifinalists. 


The live show and final competition kicks off with an announcement of the Semifinalists. Each of these delegates will walk the runway during the swimsuit or athletic wear segment displaying her dedication to a healthy lifestyle.


The semifinalists move on to the second stage of the competition during the evening gown segment. The judges and fans will see the delegates’ personal style as they walk the stage in their evening gown of choice. However, the exact design of the gown does not count towards the total score and instead the judges focus on how



Acupuncture general questions

What to expect during acupuncture?

Acupuncture uses very fine, solid needles that glide through tissue instead of breaking it like your typical hollow needle does when getting an injection. This makes it painless. Sometimes you may feel different sensations indicating your Qi moving but it will not hurt. Treatments last about 45 min. After the points are inserted you will rest for the remaining time - during which many people drift off into a highly relaxed state.

How many sessions do I need to see results?

Normally, the body can easily compensate and bring itself back into balance and health. However, illness, pain, or disease occur when the imbalance is prolonged or if the body is already weakened, which may impact the amount of treatment to see results. MSK Wellcare recommends 6-10 treatments, while re-evaluating the condition at each appointment.

Are the needles clean?

Yes, we only use surgical-grade stainless steel disposable needles which are discarded after each use.

Do the needles hurt?

It's natural for everyone to have a fear of needles. Unlike hypodermic needles that are used to draw blood or for injections, acupuncture needles are solid and hair thin. Also, rather than puncturing the skin, acupuncture needles glide and doesn't cause pain.

What can I expect after treatment?

Most patients will notice some relief of their complaint after the treatment is over. This may last until the following morning or for a few days. It will depend on the nature of the disorder and how long it has been present. Generally, when the treatment is over patients feel energized or deeply relaxed.

Acupuncture helps with

Does acupuncture ease symptoms of menopause and other women issues?

Some women suffer moderate to severe menopausal symptoms that impact quality of life. A course of acupuncture treatments - based on individualized TCM diagnosis - can help alleviate these symptoms, and ease the natural transition of the body as it re-balances its hormones.

"For middle-aged woman suffering through menopause, this new study says that acupuncture may ease its symptoms.

Researchers found that a brief course of acupuncture may help to ease troublesome menopausal symptoms such as hot flushes, sweating, mood swings, and disturbed sleep as well as skin and hair problems.

The Danish team from Copenhagen said their findings, which are published in the online journal BMJ Open, show that acupuncture offers “a realistic” treatment option for women who can’t, or don’t want to use hormone replacement therapy (HRT)."…/

Does acupuncture help with stress and anxiety problems?

Researchers at Georgetown University used lab studies to demonstrate that acupuncture slows the body’s production of stress hormones. Their findings were published in the April 2013 issue of the Journal of Endocrinology.

Like blood in the circulatory system, Qi moves throughout the body via pathways called meridians. When factors like injury, stress, poor nutrition, or a change in environment disrupt the flow of Qi, health issues follow, according to the University of Miami Health System.

Does acupuncture decrease side effects from radiation, chemotherapy, and other cancer treatments?

Chinese medicine is a great adjunct therapy in cancer care. it is especially useful to offset some of the side effects of radiation and chemotherapy.

How does acupuncture help you to fight cold and flu?

Studies have shown that patients receiving acupuncture have elevated immune-enhancing hormones up to three days after treatment. Acupuncture can help to:

  • Prevent cold and flu by boosting the immune system
  • Help you get over the cold or flu faster if you already have it
  • Reduce chills, fever and body aches
  • Relieve sore throat and congestion

How does acupuncture help with anti-aging?

Acupuncture treatments help one to have brighter and healthier complexion rather than just soothing out fine lines with its holistic approach. During your session, your acupuncturist will assess and give you a full body treatment as well as your face. Your face is a map of your health and finding the root of the cause very important. Acupuncture can help with:

  • Brightening your complexion- helps with getting rid of impurities and enhancing the natural ‘glow’ of the face

  • Helps elasticity of your skin- the muscles in the face will relax. This helps smooth out fine lines and soften any wrinkled areas

  • Detoxify the body- toxins in the skin lead to wrinkles and unwanted redness

  • Helps circulation- the needles create ‘microcirculation,’ which improves blood flow to the face


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