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National Director Application

Thank you for your interest in the Miss Universe Organization. The Miss Universe Organization exists to advocate for a future forged by women. We are committed to supporting today’s women and furthering their ideals and goals through the celebration of their diversity, achievements, beauty and in addition, to providing an international forum to heighten awareness of global health and youth-related issues. The role of a National Director demands the use of industry experience, communication skills and a network of contacts to help these young women achieve their goals and build a platform from which to pursue their interests.


Our National Directors are an extension of our brand and mission. We require our directors to provide a safe, comfortable, and exciting experience to every young woman participating in our system. We also reserve the right to run financial and background checks on prospective national directors to ensure the integrity of our marks. If MUO grants you a license, please note that we reserve the right to conduct audits whenever we deem applicable.

As a National Director, you will be responsible for the following tasks during the license year:

  • Conduct a National Pageant in the territory being licensed that meets all our requirements, rules, and regulations.

  • Pay the assigned license fee for your territory on a timely basis and comply with all requirements listed on the License Agreement, always.

  • Create and maintain a business plan encompassing all facets of production such as marketing, public relations, recruitment, prize package and titleholder’s travel and wardrobe.

  • Comply with all employment, labor, and immigration laws always.

  • Retain commercial liability insurance listing the Miss Universe Organization (“MUO”) as Additional Insured.

  • Develop Sponsorships.

  • Promote and maintain media presence for your titleholder.

  • Prepare your contestant for the Miss Universe Pageant and prepare them for the responsibilities of being a titleholder.

There are a few steps you must take to be considered as a National Director.  

  • First, please fill out our initial application form here.

  • Next, download the MUO Proposal Outline so you can begin crafting your proposal for review. A PROPOSAL IS MANDATORY TO BE CONSIDERED.

  • Once you have submitted the initial application form we will email you a link to upload upload your proposal when ready.

Any issues please reach out at  Thank you for your interest and good luck.

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