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Adamari López, entertainment host of “hoy Día”, is one of the most recognized personalities on Hispanic TV with a long career in the world of soap operas that has positioned her as one of the most prominent Latino celebrities. Since López debuted as a presenter on the Telemundo show “Un Nuevo Día” in 2008, the Emmy Award winner has won the affection of viewers from coast to coast.

López began his career at the age of six in the telenovela “Cristina Bazán” on Telemundo Channel 2 in Puerto Rico alongside the famous Puerto Rican actress Johanna Rosalí and the Venezuelan singer José Luis Rodríguez. During her adolescence, she participated in various theater plays on the island before moving to Mexico, where she became a star of soap operas such as “Camila” and “Amigas y Rivales,” which broke audience records and positioned her as one of the favorite actresses. from Latin America.

In 2005, López had to face the biggest challenge of her life off stage for which she was forced to temporarily withdraw from acting after being diagnosed with breast cancer. However, he overcame adversity and made a successful return to television in 2006.

In addition to her television work, López is the author of two bestsellers, including “Viviendo” (2012) and “Amando” (2015), both published in English and Spanish. She is also the personality with the most covers in the famous People en Español magazine, where she has been named “Person of the Year”, “Poderosas” and “Bellos”. Her community work has led her to participate in philanthropic organizations such as “Save Lids to Save Lives”, which contributes to the search for a cure against cancer.

In 2020, she became the new Latina ambassador for the WW (formerly Weight Watchers) brand, alongside Oprah Winfrey. He currently serves as a judge on the reality show ‘Así Se Baila’, an original Telemundo format.

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