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At the Miss Universe Organization (MUO), we’re on a mission to minimize our environmental impact without sacrificing tradition or a platform for self-expression. This is why MUO has released the first digital edition of the program book to reduce our carbon footprint and save approximately 175,000 pages of paper. 

This 70th anniversary edition features styling inspired by natural elements, sustainable fashion, and our individual impact on the world. 1,800 words from the reigning Miss Universe Andrea Meza. Plus, a reflection of MUO’s seven decades and the former titleholder Hall-of-Fame.

Own your copy of the 70th Miss Universe Program Book for just $14.99

How to purchase:


1. Sign up below to create a free account.

2. Select Purchase Magazine option and make your purchase using Paypal.*

3. Enjoy the 70th Anniversary Digital Book or Log into your account to access it later.

*Please note, you will be redirected to the homepage after your purchase. You should be able to access your new Digital Book through the confirmation email received after your purchase, or by coming back to this Digital Book information page.

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