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    Fashion Show Winners for Miss Teen USA are Announced!!!

    Congratulations to the Fashion Show Winners!!!

    SHERRI HILL: Miss Arizona Teen USA 2014, Miss California Teen USA 2014, Miss Indiana Teen USA 2014, Miss Minnesota Teen USA 2014, Miss New Jersey Teen USA 2014 and Miss Oklahoma Teen USA 2014

    - Photoshoot and model-at-market opportunities.

    CHI HAIRCARE: Miss Pennsylvania Teen USA 2014

    - $500 in CHI Haircare products and a photoshoot with the potential to be the face of an international advertising campaign.

    NEW YORK FILM ACADEMY: Miss Ohio Teen USA 2014
    – Full scholarship to attend a 4-week “Acting for Film” workshop or Summer Camp, depending on the winner’s age.

    LISA B: Miss Texas Teen USA 2014

    - An exclusive Lisa B. photoshoot.

    KANDICE PELLETIER: Miss Mississippi Teen USA 2014

    - $500 gift certificate to kandicepelletier.com and one of the official Miss Teen USA 2014 swimsuit styles will be named after her. Additionally, admission into the Kandice Pelletier Swimwear Hall of Fame.

    MAKE-UP DESIGNORY: Miss South Carolina Teen USA 2014

    - Professional make-up kit including a variety of lipsticks, liners, foundations and tools.

    CHINESE LAUNDRY: Miss Nebraska Teen USA 2014

    - Four pairs of shoes.

    IMAGE SKINCARE: Miss Nevada Teen USA 2014

    - An at-home spa treatment package.

    Miss Teen USA 2014

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