Miss Iowa USA 2013 - Richelle Orr
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  • Miss Iowa USA 2013
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Richelle Orr

Age: 23

Hometown: Hampton

Height: 5’ 3”

Language: English


Richelle Orr has had a passion for being on stage since her earliest years. She may not be as naturally flexible as her peers, but she compensates by putting in extra effort. Richelle left her small town of Hampton to become a member of the nationally ranked Iowa State University Dance Team.

As a junior at Iowa State, Richelle majors in Event Management. She dreams of one day owning and operating a national level dance competition system. She believes that there are many talented dancers out there; she wants to help give them the means to improve and to continue to succeed.

contestant facts

  1. 1Richelle has been dancing for 17 years and is currently on the Iowa State University Dance Team.
  2. 2In 2011, Richelle found a golf ball sized tumor in her breast and had it removed. Since then, she has grown a passion for promoting Breast Cancer awareness to young girls.
  3. 3Richelle played the flute for 8 years.
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