Miss USA 2012 - Judge - Randall Winston
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Randall Winston


Randall Winston is the producer of the beloved comedy series “Scrubs” which in its first season alone, won a Humanitas Award, an Imagen Award, a People’s Choice Award nomination, and was named a “Future Classic” by the TV Land cable network. Additionally, “Scrubs” was nominated for an Outstanding Comedy Series Emmy in both 2005 and 2006, as well as two Producer Guild Awards.

A native of Detroit, Winston studied Communication at Ohio University and dreamed of traveling to Los Angeles to pursue a career in film and television. Upon arrival in Los Angeles, Winston made his way to all the studios to distribute his resume. While doing so, someone asked 6’6” Winston to help hang something in the office and the next thing he knew, Randall was working for Gary David Goldberg (“Family Ties”). Winston worked his way up in the post-production department on all of Goldberg’s shows, leading Winston to become one of the producers on the hit comedy “Spin City.” Following “Spin City,” Winston became producing partners with Bill Lawrence, co-creator of “Spin City,” on “Scrubs” and currently "Cougar Town."

Winston currently resides in Los Angeles with his husband Michael, their son Spencer, and their daughter Marlo.