Miss USA 2012 - Judge - Alison Taub
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Alison Taub


Alison Taub is the entertainment go-to person for INSIDE EDITION, America-s highest rated, longest running, and most honored syndicated news magazine.

When a celebrity story breaks, Alison kicks into high gear and is responsible for overseeing each production aspect and execution of INSIDE EDITION's coverage of that story. A typical day for her includes negotiating with top decision makers to gain access to celebrities, awards shows, red carpet premieres, film festivals, and just about everything else that is considered entertainment. From Harvey Weinstein to Madonna to Meryl Streep, Alison has booked some of the industry’s greatest icons.

One of the most seasoned professionals in her field, Alison frequently appears on industry panels to provide insight to entertainment publicists on how to pitch clients to reach an INSIDE EDITION audience of 4.5 million viewers daily. As an associate producer in one of the most competitive fields in television, Alison juggles it all daily on deadline while managing to stay in a relatively good mood.