Miss USA 2011 - Judge - Suzi Weiss-Fischmann
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Suzi Weiss-Fischmann


Suzi Weiss-Fischmann is the Executive VP & Artistic Director of OPI Products Inc., the world leader in professional nail care. Suzi is known as the First Lady of Nails, because she single-handedly creates every OPI Nail Lacquer shade based on each season's fashion and beauty forecast. Suzi knows the trends because she sets the trends. Her passion for fashion and instinct for color are part of what make her style sense so special - and the reason women around the world love OPI. Fashion editors are always eager to hear the latest from Suzi; she is the beauty and color expert whom they rely on for her beauty and style insights and her winning Nail Lacquer color creations each season.

Suzi's Nail Lacquer creations reflect the must-have shades found on designer runways, tempered by her own instincts for color. Suzi set off the "dark nails" revolution with OPI Lincoln Park After Dark Nail Lacquer, and the frenzy for dark blue nail shades with OPI Russian Navy Nail Lacquer. And who can forget the excitement over I'm Not Really a Waitress, the shade that has become OPI's bestseller. Lauded by beauty editors and consumers everywhere, these are just a few of the shades that have earned Suzi her First Lady status.

Suzi believes that exquisite nails continue to be an integral part of fashion, and that nothing completes a look more beautifully than nails wearing the season's most significant colors. "Changing a Nail Lacquer shade can change a woman's entire look - and her outlook," says Suzi. Women in over 100 countries around the world where OPI is sold agree with her and visit her beauty blog at www.suzisbeautyblog.com for tips on fashion, beauty, wellness, and more.

In addition to setting new trends, Suzi makes the ongoing education of Nail Care Professionals a key priority. Throughout the year, OPI educators share the latest developments in salon hygiene and sanitation, new products, tools, techniques, and nail services with nail techs. "It is this emphasis on complete education that makes our company unique," she says.

Overall, the guiding principle at OPI is quality and innovation, and Suzi's vision is to maintain the highest standards at all times. Both the OPI professional audience and consumers depend on the excellence of the company's products and the expertise behind them. "We are committed to remaining on the leading edge in the beauty industry and to delivering the very best," says Suzi. "We take great pride in our reputation for developing exceptional products that offer beautiful results."