Miss USA 2011 - Judge - Lauren Ivester
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Lauren Ivester


Former fashion model and designer, Lauren Ivester, has taken on a new role as one of this season’s preliminary judges for the 2011 Miss USA Pageants. Lauren grew up in Los Angeles where she quickly developed into the fashion industry from childhood. Her father, Robert Goldman, founder and CEO of Chinese Laundry inspired her to continue in his footsteps and has designed for Chinese Laundry for over two decades. Her love for the world of fashion expanded beyond her family business. As an observer of life, she drew inspiration from creative styles when she attended numerous runway shows around the world. Lauren focused on design school in Milan and gained experience from working abroad in Europe and Asia and then attended Harvard Business School. Dedicated and committed, Lauren has established herself as a footwear specialist and expert and has appeared on various TV shows such as the Tyra Banks Show. Lauren currently resides in Las Vegas.