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Las Vegas

posted by Kristen Dalton at 08:01am on 07/02/2009

Hello! I just returned from Las Vegas with Esther which I have to say, was another great trip! I had the chance to revisit some of the awesome restaurants who sponsored the Miss USA pageant back in April. Margaritaville was the first stop and it was a blast as I got to mingle with the guests and sip on one of their tasty signature virgin daiquiris! The restaurant Serendipity 3 kicked off National Ice Cream Month with a red, white, and blue banana split sundae which they will feature the entire month of July, yummy! I also got to stay at the Palms, which hosted the Pajama Brunch during the Miss USA pageant, where I experienced another Pajama Brunch with Esther and Paula!

Today, I volunteered with Project Sunshine and then repacked for my trip to LA with Dayana. There are some pretty cool events coming up, so be sure to check back next week for all the details!!   Have a wonderful week!  

Quote of the week:  No struggles, no progress.  


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