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Bahamas with Dayana

posted by Kristen Dalton at 07:56pm on 06/28/2009

Hello everyone! Dayana and I went to the Bahamas this past weekend and had an absolute blast!

The Atlantis Resort and Casino on Paradise Island is AMAAAAZING! I am SO glad Miss Universe is going to be held there this year, I know all of the girls will LOVE it. All the people at Atlantis are so kind and welcoming, you really feel like you are at home, not to mention the food is delicious which is definitely a PLUS! I have a feeling we will not have to worry about losing our tans while we are there.  

This was the first time Dayana and I traveled together so we finally got the chance to spend time together! I couldn't be happier to have such a cool roommate. I learned a lot from her while we hung out, being that she is a veteran titleholder and I am the newbie! Through Dayana, I have been inspired to stand up for myself and to always speak from my heart. She does this so well, and that is what makes her such a passionate and dynamic Miss Universe. I hope you all have fun looking at our pictures from the Bahamas! Our travel manager was Esther this week, and she is AWESOME (as a lot you may know). She is always on point by making sure that we are well fed, happy, and professional :-)  

I have cracked down on preparation for Miss Universe this week. The MU Creative Department, my evening designer and I met last week to confirm evening gown details and I am SOO excited!! Obviously, I can't give details, but I hope you all love it as much as I do!   

Salsa lessons and working out with my trainer have intensified this week and my whole body is sore from the amount of physical exertion. I have been sleeping like a ROCK. It is definitely worth it though, I always feel so elated when I leave my salsa lesson because the music is so energizing and I love my teachers!   The weekend and the early part of next week consist of travel to Las Vegas so I will be sure to let you know how it goes!  

Check back with me next week!  

Quote of the Week: Strength is finding opportunities in your life's difficulties.   



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