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Salsa Lessons & 4 Seasons of Hope

posted by Kristen Dalton at 02:52pm on 06/23/2009

Hello! You know, I was told to expect the unexpected when I won the crown in April and I'm starting to fully understand just what this means. After casually mentioning around the MUO office how I've wanted to learn to Salsa dance, I walked into work one day to find "Kristen's First Salsa Lesson" smack in the middle of my daily schedule. Learning how to salsa dance is something I've aspired to do since I was little and something I'm not sure I would have ever done had I not had people pushing me to explore every talent and hobby that I can. I have been a dancer since I was a little girl, but salsa dancing? This would certainly be new, uncharted waters for me.

Any apprehensions I had about being able to salsa dance quickly tripled when I arrived at the Baila Society, which is a world renowned dance company that travels internationally competing and performing. After watching the instructors for a minute, it didn't take long to recognize they were AMAZING dancers, able to contort and control their bodies in ways I didn't realize humanly possible. Hmm, what did I get myself into?    

After having been given a brief history on salsa dancing (which I would recommend to people to learn, very interesting), I was thrown out onto the floor for my first attempt. After feeling my way around the dance floor, I started to feel that catchy rhythm and started naturally moving and mimicking my instructor. I was aware of all of my movements at first, but as I felt more and more comfortable, I started to lose any anxiety I felt about how awkward I must look, and really get into it. Maybe this wasn't so bad after all. After about 10 minutes, I felt more and more confident, and pretty soon I, Kristen Dalton, was salsa dancing! It took a while, but after some great instruction and a few warm-up songs I really got the hang of it, and according to my teacher, I was a natural. Who knew?    

It just goes to show that you will never know what you are good at, or what you truly love to do until you dive headfirst into the pool and try everything. Anyway, I loved salsa dancing and can't wait to show off some of my newly discovered moves at a dance club in the city somewhere. 

I also had a really great red carpet event this week for Samsung's Four Seasons of Hope Gala. Lauren was my travel manager and we always have a great time. We got to meet Dan Marino and Bob Costas, whom I ADORE! He is hysterical! Regis Philbin was the emcee, who was lovely, and it was just so wonderful to learn about the variety of diverse charities with whom Samsung is partnered. The thing about America that makes our country so great, in my opinion, is our passion and dedication to service and volunteerism. So many people from all walks of life join together for a variety of causes, but their goal of helping other people is the same, and that is inspiring.      

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